Students with computer skills

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Here's a place to let people know what, exactly, you can hack. (Or use.) (Edited to remove graduated students. Revert if you feel that is wrong.)

Also for those who feel that they are inadequate because they cannot program in TeX/Mathematica, there will be workshops on these topics during Winter Study. All Math majors will receive an email about this soon. Anyone else can sign up by emailing Rahul Shah (09ras) or look in the daily messages/other appropriate communication media.

The Devil's Languages

Assembly Language

Jing Cao now knows he should extend before division

Son Ho (I make things crash)

Arjun Narayan '10 Not good. Not good.

Jeff Marsceill '08

Sean Barker '09 had flashbacks during Compilers.

Qiao Zhang'13 gdb is your friend!


Chuan Ji :(){:|:&};:



Rahul Shah (is pretty much the God of C, but mostly because C stands for medioCre)

Jing Cao Compiled his second C program with no syntax errors

Jerry He Just compiled his 300th C program with 33 syntax errors

Arjun Narayan '10 Hello world only

Andrew Triska '10 writes the world's most complicated and boring text-based games.

Jeff Marsceill '08

Qiao Zhang'13 heap allocators, garbage collectors, and painful debugging!


Chuan Ji How do I deal with memory leaks? By writing code that doesn't have any.

Qiao Zhang How do I deal with memory leaks? I use smart pointers.


Jerry He tentatively agrees

Antal Spector-Zabusky :: [Either FreeTime Deadline] -> [Program]


Alan Cordova Booyah!


Jerry He will always be a beginner in this language. Just don't get it.

Arjun Narayan Will always be in love with this one.

Jeff Marsceill '08

Sean Barker '09 knows too many of the libraries by heart.



Any Div. III major with the slightest notion of aesthetics.

Jerry He Used to be in the league but have since defected to using Lyx: the Wysiwyg Latex editor.

Arjun Narayan '10 Can barely survive it.

sunmi yang '08 has found the new love of her life in TeX and Beamer. Some even call TeX her abusive boyfriend.

Rahul Shah Can TeX his Math homework when he needs to.

Jeff Marsceill '08



Any physics major worth their weight in problem sets

Jerry He (a must-learn for any physics major)

Math majors can do it too.

sunmi yang '08 (it's my math thesis, so there, Joe)

Objective C



$ perl -e "length q local and print chr oct ord q open do and print chr ord qw q uc q and print chr ord qw q lc q and print chr ord q tie lt and print chr ord q map m and print chr ord qw q ne q and print chr ord q q q and print chr ord uc q chr lc and print chr ord q ref or and print chr ord q msgctl m and print chr ord qw q s q"


Katherine Huang (sort of)

Arjun Narayan '10 Also knows what all three letters stand for. And all three. And all three. And all three...

Sean Barker '09 also knows what the three letters used to stand for.

Julian Hess agrees that PHP provides for pretty hellish programming.

Chuan Ji better than Perl at least...


Julian Hess '; DROP DATABASE


Jerry He (the greatest language ever invented! If not the most useful)


Arjun Narayan '10 But not as good as Aaron Schwartz

Jerry He is quite capable at R, more so than STATA


Jerry He (the language of convenience)


Sean Barker '09 (an exercise in pain)

WC3400 Microcode

Jing Cao Broke the phase 2 record

Arjun Narayan '10 Broke the pass/fail barrier.

Sean Barker '09 and Charles Cao '09 broke 8 microinstructions per ASM instruction


God's Languages


(append (cons 'Brent Yorgey (cons '04 (cons 'Jessica Chung '07))) Arjun Narayan)



Arjun Narayan '10

Breaking CPU chips

Son Ho (one victim hung on my door)




Microsoft Paint

Tarjinder Singh The hardest program he knows how to use... :)


Adobe Photoshop

Sean Hayes (Decent skills)


1337 |-|@><0R

Toby Hall. w00t

Ted Wiles (Ted is an amazing hacker and programmer. It isn't uncommon for his articles to yield over 250 diggs in one day. He also is passionate about his art and has plans to do a thesis senior year that allows him to reinterpret famous art works completely through graphic design software. He is also very good at hacking.)