Study Away 2010-2011

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Are you a '12 (or someone else) planning to study away in 2010-2011? Put your name, year, unix, destination, and which semester you're going to be gone down and A) we'll get to see all the cool places people are going, and B) we'll have a useful set of entries for potential room switches! :)


Fiona Wilkes '12 (few1), Cape Town, South Africa, Fall

Jessica de la Cuesta '12 (jnd1), Melbourne, Australia, Fall

Martha Mitchell '12 (mbm1), Athens, Greece, Fall

Aayush Khadka '12 (ak4), Undersides of various bridges (and the occasional bathroom stall), Western Europe, Year

Bex Rosenblatt '12 (rsr1) Regensburg, Germany, Spring

Emily Stein '12 (es4), Amsterdam, Netherlands, Spring

Regina Im '12 (ri1), London, England, Full year

Kyle Vilanova '12 (kjv1) Sydney, Australia, Spring


Danny Vaczy '12 (dwv1) Freiburg, Germany, Spring

Viktor Nagy '12 (vn1) Freiburg, Germany, Fall

Jinyoung Park '12 (jp2) Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fall

Brian Thomas '12 (bit) Florence, Italy, Fall

Carly Hansen-Decelles '12 (cmh1) London, Full Year

Sarah Witowski '12 (slw1) St. Petersburg, Russia, Fall [maybe Year...]

Kate Shaper '12 (kjs1) London, Fall


Melissa Whitaker '12 (maw1), Madrid, Spain - Full Year

Michaela Morton '12 (mm5), Paris, France - Full Year

Margaret Richmond '12, London - Spring

Jennifer Rodriguez '12 (jjr1), Cape Town, South Africa, Fall

Meira Bernstein '12 (mbb1), Cape Town, South Africa, Fall; Madrid, Spain, Spring

Ellen Beauchamp '12 (emb3), Copenhagen, Denmark- Fall

Briana Thomas '12 (bat1), Alicante, Spain- Fall

Zac Remillard '12 (zdr1), Siena, Italy -Fall

Laura Berk '12 (lib1), London - Fall

Kimberly Stroup '12 (kas1); Istanbul, Turkey - Fall


Alex Treco '12 (awt2), St. Petersburg, Russia - Fall

Gina Chung '12 (gc1), Bologna, Italy - Full Year

Chris Valle '12 (cwv1), Alanya, Turkey, Fall

Jennifer Monge '12 (jam3), Damascus, Syria- Fall

Nancy Wang '12 (nw2), London, England - Full Year

Sarah Clark '12 (sjc1), Edinburgh, Scotland - Full Year

Allan Gonzalez '12 (ag2), Williams-Mystic - Spring

Dorothy MacAusland '12 (dbm1) Istanbul, Turkey- Fall

Alex Long '12 (awl1), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- Fall

Glynis Startz '12 (gs2) Cape Town, South Africa, Fall

Marissa Robertson '12 (mar2), London, England-Full Year

Leah Eryenyu '12 (le1), Paris, France-Full Year

Sameer Aryal '12 (sa6), London, England, Spring

Jordan Freking '12 (jtf1), Cuernavaca, Mexico