Study abroad

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Opinions on the places that Williams Students have studied in the past.


Probably the best academic experience you'll find abroad. Fun pub scene, more penetrable cultural barriers, and a great place to explore Europe from.

Consider all your options before setting your heart on Williams-Exeter. The programme is fun and convenient, but it's also pretty selective and offers less of a chance for immersion.


Easily the awesomest place ever--especially Barcelona. Go abroad to Spain and have the time of your life. Spain is kind of like the poor, lazy, and proud little brother of the rest of developed Europe.


THE BEST. Who wants to go to Europe!?!? The culture is fascinating, and the food is amazing!


Study abroad programs, including those that are local or involve travel to multiple countries.


Live in Connecticut across from the Mystic Seaport Museum, get to know 20 students and 5 professors really well, get college credit for sailing and going to California -- what could be better than that?