Study away 2009 - 2010

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Planning to study away next year? Add your name, year, neighborhood, destination, when you will be gone. This list might be helpful to have for housing/potential room shares. It's also just fun to know what everyone is up to!

Dodd Nancy Dong '11, IHP, Fall

Leo Brown '11, Mystic, Fall

Laura Staugaitis '11, Mystic, Spring

Laura Huang '11, Harbin, Spring

Gershwin Penn, '11, Spring

Liz Weinberg '11, Bali, Spring

Jeff Lauer '11, Denmark, Spring

Glenn Yong '11, London, Full Year

Haley Steggall '11, Paris, Full Year

Cara Sipprelle '11, Paris, Full Year

Amanda Davis, '11, Kenya, Spring

Emily Spine '11, Spain, Spring

Madeline S. King '11, Kenya, Spring

Lisa Li '11, Aix-en-Provence, Spring

Casey Lyons '11, IHP (US, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil) Spring

Burge Abiral'11, IHP (US, Tanzania, India, NZ, Mexico), Full Year


Rob Kalb '11, Sweden, Full Year

Gaston Kelly '11, Argentina, Spring

Leah Hurwich '11, Spring

Nat Hewett '11, Denmark, Fall

Corey Benson '11, Fall

Carol Tsoi '11, China, Fall

Lisa Holub '11, Paris, Full Year

Camille Chicklis '11, India, Fall

Fiona Moriarty '11 Spring

Noelia Guzman '11, London, Full Year

Steven Rubin '11, Budapest, Fall

Prim Songkaeo '11, Uganda & Rwanda, Fall, Mali, Spring

Tomomi Kikuchi '11, Uganda & Rwanda, Fall, London, Spring

Sasha Macko '11, Australia, Spring

Semira Menghes '11, Italy, Spring

Gabrielle Joffe '11, The deep end, Spring

Yue-Yi Hwa '11, London, Fall

Aimee Weber '11, Galway, Ireland Fall

David Roth '11, Australia, Fall


Clair Embry '11, China, Fall

Ellen Song '11, Argentina, Fall

Stevie Luther '11, Amsterdam, Fall

Faisal Khan '11, Places with barbed wires and orange jumpsuits, Fall

Maya Hislop '11, Spain, Year

Laura Christianson '11, England, Year

Tasha Chu '11, London, Spring

Irtefa Binte-Farid '11, London, Spring

Carla Cain-Walther '11, London, Full Year

Matt Farley '11, London, Fall

Julia Cohan '11, Denmark, Fall

Annelise Hewitt '11, Holland, Full Year

Becca Licht '11, Switzerland, Fall

Curtis "C.J." Flournoy '11, Oxford, England, Full Year

Alexandra Peruta '11, Australia, Spring

Mara Shapero '11, Spain, Fall

Quaneece Calhoun '11 Italy, Spring

Emanuel Yekutiel '11 Paris, Fall

Jennifer Rowe'11 India,Spring

Sophie Robinson '11, France, Spring

Rooney Charest '11, China, Spring

Nick Lee '11, New Zealand, Fall

Robert Kim '11, Italy, Fall

Maddy Haff '11, Paris, Fall

Ariel Kavoussi '11 Prague, Fall


Heather Burrell '11, Chile, Fall

Rob Gearity '11, Argentina, Fall

Bianca Czaderna '11, Oxford, Full Year

Mo Zhu '11, Hong Kong/Amsterdam, Full Year

William Lee '11, Argentina, Fall

Rachel Teitelbaum '11, Ecuador, Fall

Laura Murphy '11, Argentina, Full Year

Laura Pickel '11, Denmark, Fall

Mary Freeman '11 Oxford, Full Year

Hilary Dolstad '11, Spain, Fall

Ellen Stuart '11, The Garden of Eden, Fall

Jen Oswald '11, The Netherlands, Fall

Jasper Scheppe '11, Senegal, Fall

Tarra Martin '11, Edinburgh, Fall

Lisa Merkhofer '11, New Zealand, Spring

Lisa Hent '11, Dublin, Fall, London, Spring

Peter Huang '11, China, Fall

Wilson Barr '11, Spain, Fall

Shawn Curley '11, Australia, Fall

Erin Altenburger '11, Galway Ireland, Fall

Tim LeClair '11, Candyland, Fall

Evan Lin '11, St. Petersburg, Fall

Melinda Salaman '11, England, Full Year

Kyle Victor '11, Oxford, Full Year

Jen Potvin '11, England, Full Year

Cat Stoica, '11, London, Full Year

Jordan Dallas '11, brb, Full Year

[If anyone on this list is away spring and will be in West in the fall, I'd be interested in a switch. unix fak1]