Stuff All Campus Entertainment (ACE) Should Definitely Do

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  1. Fix their website.
  2. Have movies weekly.
  3. Get several Netflix accounts that students can share.
    1. This is so clutch.
  4. Have another jazz party
  5. Have more parties in general (remember last year anyone?)
  6. Not bring back Virginia Coalition this year.
  7. continue to put on the events that they do despite an apathetic student body unwilling to volunteer, help out or come up with party ideas.
  8. Bring a big-name comedian. Many of these could be co-sponsored by relevant groups, such as Eddie Izzard with BGLTU, Margaret Cho, &c.
  9. Post info about Campus DJ's
  10. Put Winter Carnival/Spring Fling/etc. Bracelets in our SU Boxes!
  11. Petition the administration to remove the 0.35 drink per person per hour limit on total alcohol at a party