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These are projects accomplished by members of College Council during spring semester 2006. Congratulate them when you see them.

Class of 09 reps

Eve Streicker:

  1. FYFA committee head ot the frosh quad bbq.
  2. assisted in all other projects and probably put the most work into the whole dilio.

Matt Beatus: yet to be received.

Toni Kraeva: Please see Toni Kraeva CC projects

Ben Bodurian:

  1. Increased quantity and availability of milk in dining halls.
  2. Had plastic bags placed in laundry rooms; meant to hold laundry of person who's not removed it from machines, allowing other people to use washers/dryers.
  3. Developed "Dinner Time Grab N Go" in coordination with Bob Volpi and Mark Petrino.
  4. Worked with Bob Volpi and Michele O'Brien to bring back Brunch Night for one evening.
  5. Collaberated with Tim Geoffrion on the Writing Intensive Project that he's been working on.

Liz Jun:

  1. Lehman Hall Bathroom Door Installation
  2. Mission Hall Coat Hooks Installation
  3. College Council Book Fair
  4. Working on Drop/Add Period
  5. Working on (almost completing) Prefrosh Peer Advising

Aroop Mukharji:

  1. FYFA- Came up with name, and idea of an '09 weekend. Took idea to Frosh Council, they added event options and we ended up with four events (two were combined). a.) frosh quad bbq with b.) game night. c.) pool party and d.) all-campus party at wood. Committee head of the Pool Party.
  2. Food in Schow-- talked to Bob Volpi about extended hours of Eco-café.. that would be impossible because of the need for staffing so instead we got a really really sweet coffee machine worth more than my (Aroop's) life. I am also planning on talking to him in the fall '06 about better food in the vending machine.
  3. Work in progress-- Spring street carnival (with Suranjit Tilikawardane '07)

Class of '08 reps

Remington Shephard:

  1. worked to improve BnG's relationship to College Council,
  2. looking to ameliorate the high prices and college's interesting relationship to Water Street Books,
  3. worked on the sophomore schmooz-a-palooza.

Toby Hall:

  1. worked on reducing paper mailings and printing – talked with Gary Philips who promised to send an email allowing students to opt out of all campus paper mailings,
  2. had a printer installed in Tyler Hall, proposed a system of printer technicians,
  3. is working with OIT on restructuring the Daily Messages to make them easier to read.
  4. is continuing to patrol his couch in his underwear.

Diana Jaffe:

  1. looked into why so many course readings are online – because of copyright issues they have to put some things online only, but students much prefer paper copies in packets,
  2. looking into a course shopping period,
  3. did the lions share of work in organizing the sophomore schmooz-a-palooza at Mezze.

Jacob Siegel:

  1. figured out a system in Dodd to keep the printer stocked with paper,
  2. arranged for the dining halls to serve a full breakfast on the Sunday of finals week,
  3. has resolved to look into the ever-pressing issue of the College Council website.

Scott Beattie:

  1. helped get a printer in Tyler
  2. is looking into getting basketball hoops there as well.

Eric Bautista:

  1. working on organizing a town-hall style meeting with college administrators to address a wide range of issues,
  2. is looking into getting a DVD self-rent kiosk in the new student center,
  3. looking into having a 'class day' for upper-classmen to supplement the first days for freshman at the beginning of the year,
  4. helped to coordinate the funding for the sophomore schmooz-a-palooza

Emily Siegel:

  1. looked into course material in packets vs. online,
  2. got the computer in Mission replaced with a new and working one,
  3. helped with the sophomore schmooz-a-palooza.

Tim Geoffrion:

  1. working with Joyce Foster shaping the renovated peer tutoring program – next year the program will be changed to help students with general study skills including writing in addition to tutoring in specific classes,
  2. met with several administrators about getting more summer fellowship opportunities for div 1 and 2 students.

Jon Stone:

  1. has been meeting with B&G to try and get bulk ice machines in each of the clusters as well as DVD players and TVs in locations that currently don't have them on campus.

Zach Thomas:

  1. got B&G to cover the public sprinklers that previously didn't have protective cages to prevent accidental activation and met with Joe Moran to achieve this.

Matt Simonson:

  1. has been meeting with professor Burger to try and add a course shopping period at the beginning of the semester
  2. has been doing a great job taking diligent notes at council meetings.

Morgan Goodwin

  1. talked with Doug Bazuin in Campus Life to add three common rooms to Morgan Hall with the new renovations
  2. organized the Sophomore Schooz-a-palooza at Mezze
  3. organized the neighborhood elections and has been working on getting new neighborhood leaders started

Class of '07 reps

Michael Fairhurst:

  1. worked to increase the availability of newspapers around campus. Through collaboration with the New York Times, Dean's Office, and Campus Life, I've ensured that all the dining halls will regularly offer newspapers next year.

Ally Holmes:

  1. Helped organize the Committee on Athletics and Athletics Facilities (CAAF).
  2. Organized 2006 Homecoming Tailgating Competition.