Stuff Students Should Do Before Graduating

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  1. Have lunch or play soccer with students from the CDE. Meet people from the countries you're studying. Many of them will become prime ministers/finance ministers of their countries. (e.g. Goh Chok Tong of Singapore)
  2. Take a picture of a nebula or galaxy at the observatory.
  3. Hike up Stony Ledge on Mountain Day. Even if you hate it, at least you will have done it.
  4. Sleep in on Mountain Day. It feels great.
  5. Attend a random performance or lecture that you know nothing about.
  6. Stop in every shop on Eagle Street in North Adams and chat with people.
  7. Better yet, take the BRTA there and think about the importance of public transportation.
  8. Swim in the Green River.
  9. Go kayaking in the pool with Scott Lewis.
  10. Make s'mores on Stone Hill.
  11. Camp overnight on top of the Thompson Science Buildings and Mission.
  12. Go star-gazing on top of Thompson Chapel
  13. Go on a romantic dinner-date at Elizabeth's in Pittsfield.
  14. Play KAOS.
  15. Take a break from an all-nighter to find a good spot to watch the sun rise.
  16. Play at the homecoming halftime show (or any show, really) with the Mucho Macho Moocow Marching Band.
  17. Walk down the double yellow line on Rt. 2 in the middle of the night.
  18. Pull an all-nighter playing Williams Trivia with a group of friends--especially awesome right before exams (spring semester).
  19. Pull an all-nighter studying.
  20. Go sledding on Bee Hill or Stone Hill.
  21. Play Broomball with enthusiasm.
  22. Visit The Clark.