Stuff The Student Body Should Definitely Do

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  1. Your mom.
  2. Edit this wiki.
  3. Learn how to spell "definitely."
    1. Done. My bad.
  4. Embrace the revolution.
    1. Against anchor housing?
    2. Not possible in Mission. The hallways are too small and riot-proof.
  5. Learn the difference between "you're" and "your."
    1. Also between "there," "their," and "they're."
      1. And "whose" and "who's."
  6. Learn what constitutes a valid argument.
    1. Not possible in Mission. The hallways are too small and riot-proof.
  7. Unpop collars.
  8. Form a volunteer regiment to fight in Iraq.
  9. Repop collars.
  10. Drink less hate-orade.
  11. Make fewer brilliant puns that make lesser men jealous, and cause them to make snide remarks in past edits of this Wiki.
  12. Learn the difference between "less" and "fewer".
  13. Learn how to be annoying about grammatical issues.
  14. Have more bitchfests on the blogs.
  15. Realize that humanism is like a boot stomping on a human face forever.
  16. Realize that existentialism is a humanism.
  17. Visit Dartmouth and learn Beer Pong, which is way better than Beirut.
    1. Play Beer Pong obsessively.
      1. Our campus isn't really configured quite right for beer pong.
  18. Reconfigure campus for Beer Pong, while we set up anchor housing.
  19. Drink alcoholic beverages sometime.
    1. Sometime?
      1. Yup.
        1. Hella!
  20. Unpop collars once more.
  21. Make puns.
  22. Act like obnoxious dicks at the snack bar. I hear the staff really enjoy that.
  23. Amuse random alums who edit the wiki.
  24. Guard against acting like tools. Self check, especially when drunk.
  25. Not get into any more blog bitchfests when there's work to do.
  26. Wa diddy diddy dum diddy do.
  27. Stop working and go out and get drunk