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Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do

Revision as of 18:38, April 17, 2006 by 06emm (talk | contribs) (added "next" button on PhotoShare)

Have an unsolicited feature request? This is the place! Also perhaps a good place to discuss how changes should be implemented and whether they are a good idea.


  1. Google-esque theme changes on holidays?
  2. WSO Hot Or Not?
  3. Add a Daily Advisor feed.
    • RSS DA/DM?
  4. Create a public archive of all WSO all campus e-mails and all campus-wide e-mails sent by the administration. Future historians will praise you!
  5. Make the blogs automatically link keywords to wiki entries like some online references.
  6. Add code to the Announcements section that sends an electric shock through the keyboard if a person tries to post an announcement in all caps.


  1. The WSO Student Homepages link is buggy on both IE and Mozilla Firefox. It repeats people several hundred times.
  2. Get the menu and weather scripts working again.
    • Definitely should be done, but it is not as easy as one may think.
    • There's no hope for the menu, but the weather is fixed.
  3. Fix the facebook so it'll search by parts of names rather than whole/beginning of names
    • Search by male/female
  4. Fix the Daily Messages feed.
  5. In the wiki login, put the "Log In" button on the same line as the dropdown menu, so that when you tab from one to the next you get to select WSO or Unix before you press the Login button, thereby not getting an error message.
  6. Work with alacrity at providing shell accounts for the use of maintaining a student organization's webpage.

Stuff that WSO definitely did:

  1. In Photoshare, when you're looking at a specific picture, there's no "Next" button. So you have to go back to the thumbnails, just to get to the next photo! That seems silly.
    • Good point. There's a "Next" button now.
  2. Restrict RideBoard to one- or two-day listings so semester-long 'offers' don't clog the home page feed.
    • Now it just shows the most recent posts.
  3. Added new 2005-06 profs to Factrak.
    • Also, if you want to help maintain the factrak databases, (it's really easy I promise, there's a really sweet admin interface) e-mail me at 06cks. E-mail me even if you aren't in WSO, and especially if you are an underclassman, someone has got to look after this once I'm gone.
  4. Create or install a catalog system for books & DVD's that students have (usually lying around in their common rooms) that libraries don't (comic books, course books, etc.) that other people could borrow. Students could lend to each other and track who has what.
    • Done! See books and DVDs you're welcome to borrow.
  5. Require log-ins to use the wiki (to reduce wiki abuse).
  6. Make a preview feature on comment/blog/forum postings, to avoid the weird characters people get for cutting and pasting from Word.
    • Done for most everything.
  7. Add a "most recently added comments" function to Factrak. It is impossible to figure out whether Factrak's even been updated at all this semester since you have to manually search by prof.

Stuff that WSO is definitely not doing:

  1. change the background to pink
    • Um, no.
    • but this is actually an easy fix...