Stuff WSO Definitely Should Do

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Have an unsolicited feature request? This is the place! Also perhaps a good place to discuss how changes should be implemented and whether they are a good idea.

  1. change the background to pink
    1. Um, no.
    2. but this is actually an easy fix...
  2. Add new 2005-06 profs to Factrak, asap!
    1. Done! Also, if you want to help maintain the factrak databases, (it's really easy I promise, there's a really sweet admin interface) e-mail me at 06cks. E-mail me even if you aren't in WSO, and especially if you are in underclassman, someone has got to look after this once I'm gone.
  3. Enable comments on photos.
  4. Create or install a catalog system for books & DVD's that students have (usually lying around in their common rooms) that libraries don't (comic books, course books, etc.) that other people could borrow. Students could lend to each other and track who has what.
  5. Fix College Council's web site.
    1. The College Council Website was neither created by WSO nor did they agree to maintain it. And thus it is not their responsibility.
  6. Require log-ins to use the wiki.
    1. Possibly, although free access is half the point of a Wiki, and there hasn't been much abuse of it so far.
  7. Get the menu and weather scripts working again.
    1. Definitely should be done, but it is not as easy as one may think.
  8. Restrict RideBoard to one- or two-day listings so semester-long 'offers' don't clog the home page feed.
    1. You mean you don't want a ride to the kingdom of Zamunda?
  9. Fix the ACE website
    1. Again, not a WSO project, I believe.
  10. Fix the facebook so it'll search by parts of names rather than whole/beginning of names
    1. Search by male/female
  11. Fix the facebook so we can search by class (first-year, sophomore, etc.), like we used to be able to. Please?
  12. Pimp my computer.
  13. Fix the Facebook so we can search by Hot dudes or Hot babes (self nomination of course). Also hair color.
    1. You might as well make a WSO Hot Or Not.
  14. Make a place called Evan´s War Chest
  15. In my experience, WSO Reminders has been more unreliable than iCal.
  16. Make a preview feature on comment/blog/forum postings, to avoid the weird characters people get for cutting and pasting from Word.
  17. Please, please, please bring back keeping the most recently commented blogs on top. This will filter out the "COME GET DRUNK TONIGHT AT MEZZE!!!11!1!" posts and keep the real discussions alive longer.
  18. Enable searching by level of zeal in the facebook, so that it is easier to root out heresy.