Stuff to buy, sell, loan and borrow

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Check out 2000pounds for a better-organized list of stuff that Williams students are selling or are willing to loan. Brought to you by the guy that brought you this wiki.

Got something you'd like to buy, sell, loan, or borrow? List it here, at our own personal eBay, or EphBay, if you will. (Inspired by David Ramsay and Macy Radloff.) To buy, sell, loan, or borrow the items listed, contact the lister of the item.

Click on any column heading to sort by the entries in that column.

Stuff we'd like to buy, sell, loan, or borrow

classification item price or terms lister category
For Sale Livestrong wristbands (adult) $0-1 Diana Davis clothing
Wanted Floor rug $5-$20 depending on size Diana Davis dorm items
Wanted Tapestry $5-$20 depending on attractiveness and size Diana Davis dorm items
For loan Abstract Algebra textbook return before the summer Diana Davis academic materials
For loan Klein bottle borrow for a visit to the fourth dimension Diana Davis academic materials
To borrow Johnny Cash CDs borrow for 24 hours Diana Davis music
To borrow 256 MB SD digital camera card for Saturday 18 February Diana Davis technology
For Sale 15 Watt Crate Guitar Amp $70 or B.O. David Ramsay Music
For loan 2 boxes of Spanish flashcards Return before June or buy them off me Alan Cordova Academic materials
For Sale Floor lamp (w/o bulbs) $5-$10 Alan Cordova Dorm items
For Sale USB Zip Drive & 7 100 MB Disks $40 obo Alan Cordova Computers
For Sale Seven 7 32" inseam jeans $35 Macy Radloff Clothing