Stuff to buy, sell, loan and borrow

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Got something yo'd like to buy, sell, loan, or borrow? List it here. Evan may be working on some interface to do just that (see Blitzlist), but until then, here is our own personal eBay, or EphBay, if you will. (Inspired by David Ramsay and Macy Radloff.)

Stuff we'd like to sell

item asking price seller
Desk lamp $5 Diana Davis '07
Livestrong bracelets (adult size) $1 Diana Davis '07

Stuff we'd like to buy

item willingness to pay buyer
Floor rug $5-$20 depending on size Diana Davis '07
Tapestry $5-$20 depending on attractiveness and size Diana Davis '07

Stuff we're willing to loan

item terms of loan loaner
Abstract Algebra textbook return before the summer Diana Davis '07
Klein bottle only borrow if you are visiting the fourth dimension Diana Davis '07

Stuff we'd like to borrow

item length of loan borrower
Johnny Cash CDs 24 hours Diana Davis '07
256 MB SD digital camera card for Saturday 18 February Diana Davis '07