Summer 2006

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Many people choose to spend their summer in Williamstown. Here are those in the Valley for the summer of 2006.

Ronit Bhattacharyya '07 (WIT Student Manager)

Noemi Fernandez '09 (WIT)

Edgardo G. Costas-Bracero '07/SUPER '06 (Admissions, Tour Guide)

Jack Nelson '07 (Admissions, Tour Guide, Woolf)

Miles Klee '07 (Admissions, Tour Guide, and wishing I was a baller)

Ren McDermott '07 (Conference Office)

Anna Merritt '08 (Conference Office)

Uzaib Saya '08 (Admissions Office + Anthro Research)

Julie Esteves '07/super '06 (Admissions Office)

Zack Brewer '07 (Chem Research, Woolf)

Tommy Gill '08 (Chemistry Research)

Aashish Adhikari '07 (Chemistry Research)

jordan landers '09 (Chem Research)

sunmi yang '08 (Chem Research)

Claudia Lord '09 (Chem Research)

Nadira '09 (Chem Research)

Shea Chen '07 (SMALL)

Dave Senft '07 (SMALL)

Alex Tanton '07 (BIG)

Dave Kleinschmidt '09 (Psyc. Research)

Joanna Korman '07 Psyc

Daniel Sussman '07 (Physics research)

Sarah Willey '09 (Bio-Chem Research)

Auyon Mukharji '07 (Bio Research)

Salvador Lopez '09 (Bio Research)

Norman Scott '09 (Bio Research)

Kimberly '09 (Bio Research)

Kate Scheider '07 (Geo Research, CES Research)

Tucker Sawin '07 (History Research Assistant)

Matthew Lincoln '09 (Media Studios Staff)

Jack Kling '09 (Neuroscience Research)

Andrew Wang '08 (Political Science Research)

Aston Gonzalez '08 (Mellon Fellow)

Jenn Sit '08 (Community Scholars Program: Coordinator for Conte Summer Tutoring Program & WES Summer Camp)

Thomas Miller '08 (Community Scholars Program: Coordinator for Conte Summer Tutoring Program)

Jason Kohn '08 (ArtH Research)

Ana Correa '07 (Sawyer Reference Desk)

Christopher Paci '08 (Chapin Rare Books Library)

Shane Bobrycki (Chapin Rare Books)

Anna Edmonds (Sheep Hill)

P.J. Bonavitacola (Hopkins Forest Caretaker)

Alexander Matthews '07 (Grassroots Activism, waiter at Mezze (I know, Right?), and Baller)

Victoria Williams '09 (TA for Summer Humanities and Social Sciences)

Lyndsay Lau '09 (Summer Science Tutor)

Scott Tamura '09 (Summer Science Tutor)*

Sergio Marte '08 (Summer Science Tutor)*

Helen Hood '09 (Bio research)