Sustainable Growers

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Sustainable Growers
Type of groupGardening/Activism
SelectiveAll are welcome
Meeting timeSaturdays at 10AM
Meeting placeDodd Kitchen
OfficeTool Shed by Parsons House
EstablishedSpring 2010

The Group

The Sustainable Growers founded the Parsons Garden and revived the Forest Garden in spring 2010. We are growing all kinds of veggies and herbs for student and dining hall use.

Throughout the school-year, Saturday afternoon (1-2pm) work parties have started with homemade pancakes, followed by a few hours of work. We believe that gathering over and sharing food is an important way in which to build community. Sometimes lunch or dinners also follow work parties, or happen throughout the week. During the summers, students gather on Friday afternoons to work, then cook dinner together.

Food produced in the garden goes to a variety of sources. All students who work in the garden have access to the produce, and can harvest of a variety of vegetables for their own needs. Produce is also used at campus events, such as weekly environmental studies lunches, dining hall meals, collaboration with the Jewish Resource Center, and others. Produce is also donated to the Berkshire Food Project. We preserve a fair amount of produce for future use, such as through jams, pestos, frozen greens, tomato sauces, and pickling.

Email with questions or to sign up for the list-serv! For more information, check out the garden blog at

To join

Come to a garden work party or subscribe to our listserv at WSO, or email


Growing tasty, pesticide-free, sustainable food!


Please email suggestions of

  • foods we could grow
  • ways we could preserve that food
  • events we could have
  • expansions we could make
  • ways to involve the community
  • or ways to involve classes
  • anything else!