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Article was begun with: Evillllllll. Though I appreciate the sentiment, we can do better on this, and ough to.--Plaidfury 22:52, 13 October 2005 (EDT)

There is text here that the CUL is trying to figure out who has contributed to this wiki. CUL members have corroborated that statement. I have to wonder just what they plan to do with that information, and why they want to know. Yes, obviously, this wiki was not written primarily by CUL members...but none of the information contained here is false. It is true that opinion polls indicate that anchor housing is severely unpopular; it is true that students joke about the Harry Potter books--see any recent CC minutes for written evidence of that; it is true that anchor housing has gone through several name changes; it is true that the CUL report on the Williams House System does not properly explain the transition to free agency; et cetera, et cetera. Furthermore, other statements are linked to corroborating Record articles, and the CUL views the Record as an accurate source. Yes, some of these facts do not reflect well on the CUL plan...but the problem is not that the facts are being presented! The Williams community has been given much information on anchor housing from the CUL bias, and this article allows Williams students to write their own definition and explanation of the new housing system. Honestly, the CUL should not be surprised at any of the information presented in this article. Finally, this wiki is constantly edited by members of the Williams community, primarily students. It is an evolving thing, and eventually will reflect an unbiased explanation of anchor housing. It must be remembered that a truly unbiased explanation will include both the new housing system's shortcomings as well as its merits.

And there is nothing stopping anyone, including members of the CUL, from adding content about its merits.