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Does anyone else find this page to be just a little too pompous? I have no problem with the individual people posting their locations (I am personally interested in knowing geographically where people are going to be), but the idea of such a wikipedia page existing makes Williams students seem awfully conceited. Isn't this page no more than a self-congratulatory slap on the back? I am proud of the fact that we have extraordinarily smart people at this college, and feel privileged to know them, but I think this page serves simply as excessive bragging. Why not start a page called "Ephs making over $50,000 next year"? Can someone tell me what the point of the page is if not to trumpet one's intellectual prowess?

Well, I'm not going to G-school, or B-school or L-school or M-school for that matter, but if I were I think it'd be nice to know if any recent grads were at the same institution. It breeds a bit more solidarity than "Ephs in New York City," of which there are approximately a million billion. Also, I personally like seeing what my classmates are doing next year, and I'm sure that people thinking about a graduate program would be very happy to get the names of recent Williams grads enrolled at a particular place. It's just good information; no one is bragging about how big their fellowships are. --Evan 22:50, 20 April 2006 (EDT)