Talk:Students Who Neck in Dining Halls

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Important as it is to maintain some level of decorum in public, this wiki is totally inappropriate. Unless, of course, this is a joke, in which case, carry on. --06jps 20:57, 28 February 2006 (EST)

How can it be innappropriate to talk about something that someone does in public? This willi contained no distortion of facts and not a single dispairaging remark about the couple. While there was clearly intended sarcasm nothing untrue or intentionally hurtful was said. For all we know (and I realize this is a stretch) they may really enjoy public knowledge of their "relations." If they are willing to make out and lie on top of each other in dining halls isn't it possible they will enjoy the discussions about themselves on willipedia? Also this willi is no more offensive than the "your mom" willi (although I am not advocating its removal either).