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Talk:WSO Server Restoration January 2007

Things that need to be restored on Ursula

Please list your restore requests/inquiries here.

Well, I would like my files (wso/~ddavis) to be restored as of more like December 9 than September 9, but barring that, FTP access (SSH) would be very nice. In particular, I use gFTP (Linux) to port 22 with SSH2.

Also, I found it somewhat strange that when spam came to a listserv that I own (F05@wso, in this case) a message was sent to me informing me that it needed moderator approval, but the list admin page was unavailable. I suppose that the automated message sent to me and the admin interface are run separately.

--07djd 22:46, 2 January 2007 (EST)

Other than restoring more recent files, which, unfortunately, we cannot do, all of these services should now be working again. Thanks for reporting.

-- Ben, WSO Staff

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