Talk:WSO web development

So I got all setup and got my server started, and started port forwarding but I've gotten two incorrect behaviors:

  1. A blank page (empty source too) in the browser when accessing my
  2. 500 internal server

Here's the error from the log: [Sun Nov 13 17:07:22 2005] [error] DBI connect('dbname=wsonet-devel;host=localhost','wsonet-devel',...) failed: could not connect to server: Connection refused\n\tIs the server running on host "localhost" and accepting\n\tTCP/IP connections on port 5432?\n at /Users/bwood/web/wsonet/site/Model/WSOKit/ line 77\n


Ah, my bad; the server should be set to nancy, not localhost. I fixed it. Run "svn update" in your wsonet folder, then try it again. --Evan

svn: Working copy 'site/View/pkit_cache' is missing or not locked

Hmmm. Now I get the blank page again. --Ben

Resolved that with a nice big rm -Rf and getting a brand new copy of the code. However, I now get a 500 Internal Server Error. Here's the log:

[Thu Nov 17 11:13:27 2005] [crit] (48)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to port 54562
[Thu Nov 17 11:14:21 2005] [error] can't create /web/cache/front/blog: No such file or directory at /Users/bwood/web/wsonet/site/Model/WSOKit/Lib/ line 24\n

So it seems to want to use the cache at the root level site, which doesn't exist, since we're on Ursula...? --Ben