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===Guild of Carilloneurs 2010-2011===
===Guild of Carilloneurs 2010-2011===
* Will Slack '11, Lead Ringer
* Haley Eagon '13, Lead Ringer
* Haley Eagon '13, Co-Lead Ringer
* Will Speer '13, Lead Ringer
* Will Speer '13, Co-Lead Ringer
* Will Slack '11
* Pinsi Lei '12
* Pinsi Lei '12
* John Borden '12
* John Borden '12

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Not to be confused with the automated Lasell Gymnasium bells which ring on the hour and at fifteen-minute intervals, to the annoyance of some Morgan residents and a cappella groups trying to record in the chapel, the Thompson Chapel bell tower houses a chime (technically a few bells short of a carillon) which is rung three times daily (12:50, 4:00, 7:00) and on special occasions (Mountain Day, etc.) by the student Guild of Carilloneurs (website).

The ten bells are tuned in an Eb Major scale with an additional ninth and a flat seventh, to wit:

Eb | F | G | Ab | Bb | C | Db | D | Eb | F

This generally accomodates songs in Eb Major, Ab Major, and F Minor. The bells are played by means of levers arranged in a console on the second level of the tower connected by wires to the bells on the top level. Pushing down on the lever pulls the clapper on the end of the wire which rings the bell. The bells remain stationary while they are being rung from the console. The lowest bell is also movable and can be tolled by means of a rope.

See pictures on Photoshare.

With each hand playing one note simultaneously, plus foot pedals attached to the three lowest notes, limited counterpoint and/or harmony are possible.

Guild of Carilloneurs 2010-2011

  • Haley Eagon '13, Lead Ringer
  • Will Speer '13, Lead Ringer
  • Will Slack '11
  • Pinsi Lei '12
  • John Borden '12
  • Dan Kohane '12
  • Madura Watanagase '12
  • Jia Jia Jin '12
  • Anna Hurlimann '12
  • Nina Piazza '12
  • Ben Kualthau '13

Guild of Carilloneurs 2006-2007

  • Jason Fan '08
  • Eric Ballon-Landa '08
  • Adam Capulong '09
  • Sarah Riskind '09
  • Elly Teitsworth '10

Guild of Carilloneurs 2005-2006

  • Adam Banasiak '08
    • very angry that there is no easy way to arrange either "hit me baby more time" or "oops i did it again" with the random assortment of bells we have. Damn g-sharp.
  • Jason Fan '08
  • Lindsay Long-Waldor '08
  • Joe McDonough '06
    • Rang Monday 12:50, Tuesday 4:00, Thursday 7:00, Friday 12:50, Sunday 7:00
    • Most frequently played: Respighi, Preludio and L'Usignuolo from The Birds; Handel, March from Occasional Oratorio; medleys from Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music; Copland, Hoe-Down from Rodeo, Singing in the Rain, Let it Snow, and White Christmas (when appropriate, and sometimes when not appropriate); assorted Elizabethans and Choir music; hymns
    • Drop-ins were welcome; attempted requests and played for birthdays at no charge
  • Allison Seyferth '08