Transferring files from WSO

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This howto tells you how to put all of your wso mail in a zip file and download it safely to your computer. Once you've done this, you can import it into a mail program on your computer, or you can use other programs to upload it all to gmail.

Log in to wso. At the command line, type the following exactly as it appears (that includes typing "tgamblin". You should NOT type your own login here):


This will create a zip file file called in your web space on WSO. The script will print out the URL you should go to to download your mail. In case you log out, or you don't see this in the script, Here it is:

Note that you WILL need to substitute in YOUR login name here. So, if your login name was bbob, you would go to All you need to do is point your web browser to this address, and it will download your mail as a zip file to your disk.

Your mail is now on your hard drive in The zip file contains a directory, "mail", with all your mail in it. If you extract the zip file, you can import this directory into a number of mail programs, or you can use a program like gExodus to upload its contents to gmail.

To save space on WSO, log in and type the following to remove the zip file once you've downloaded it:

rm ~/www/