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* Penetraytion (Mission)
* Penetraytion (Mission)
* Defenestraytion
* Defenestraytion
* Titraytion (Driscoll)
* Libertray, Egalitray, Fraternitray (Mission; also says Wilbur Sucks LI)
* Libertray, Egalitray, Fraternitray (Mission; also says Wilbur Sucks LI)
* Take the A-Tray
* Take the A-Tray

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Carvings fall into a bunch of categories: Wilbur trays, "Tray of" trays, tray puns, Cult of Tom trays, trays with pictures, and...other trays.


For a complete history of the Wilbur trays, see Wilbur.

  • Wilbur Sucks I - LXII (beyond?)
  • Wilbur cooks with spices (Greylock?)
  • Wilbur was framed (Greylock)
  • Wilbur plays ice hockey (Greylock)
  • Wilbur takes econ
  • Wilbur invaded Poland (Greylock)
  • Welcome to Wilbur Country (Surgeon General's warning: Wilbur Sucks)
  • Wilbur works the corner (Greylock)
  • Wilbur failed the MCATs
  • Wilbur tips poorly (Greylock)
  • Wilbur has halitosis (Greylock)
  • Wilbur felches (Greylock)
  • Wilbur eats veal (Greylock)
  • Wilbur watches figure skating (Greylock)
  • Wilbur worships false idols (Greylock)
  • Wilbur sets up false idols (Greylock)
  • Wilbur brakes for moose (Mission)
  • Wilbur rides the night train (Driscoll)
  • Wilbur is out of his element (Greylock)
  • Wilbur is a Saddam body double (Greylock)
  • Wilbur is a weapons inspector (Greylock)
  • Wilbur is out of his element (Greylock)
  • Wilbur fucked your girlfriend
  • Goose Blows Goats (Wilbur Helps) (Greylock)
  • Both Wilburs Suck (Mission)

A few years ago, some students took it upon themselves to redeem Wilbur's image in the public eye by recording the following positive attributes.

  • Wilbur donates blood (Mission)
  • Wilbur Votes (Mission)
  • Wilbur Recycles (Mission)
  • Wilbur Saves the Whales (Mission)

Cult of Tom

For background information on the Cult of Tom, see Cult of Tom.

  • Cult of Tom
  • Cult of Tom Tom
  • Cult of Tom Tom Tom
and so on . . .

Other incarnations of the Tom theme:

  • Cult of Thomas Edison
  • Cult of Strom
  • Cult of Sarah's Tomb (Driscoll; handwriting analysis implies a vandalization of earlier Cult of Tom tray)
  • Cult of (Greylock; maybe they got interrupted?)
  • ult of om

Tray of...

  • Tray of the Thnikkaman (including drawing; Mission)
  • The tray of repeatedly hitting yourself over the head with a shovel (Mission)
  • Tray of Spiritual Horniness (Driscoll)
  • Tray of Snow Bocce 2004 (Mission)
  • Tray of the Future (Mission)
  • Tray of... to the Future! (Mission; same as above?)
  • Tray of Feral Pigs (Mission)
  • Tray of the Luv Potion (Driscoll)
  • Tray of Williams (Wesleyan)
  • Tray of Willful Disregard (Driscoll)
  • Tray of Unfulfilled Desires (Driscoll)
  • Tray of Tu Madre (Driscoll)
  • Tray of GE's Freedom Movement (Greylock)
  • Tray of Buttface (Mission)
  • Tray of the Love Nest (Mission)
  • Tray of Projectile Food (Mission)
  • Tray of Knowledge of Good and Evil ("From every tray in the dining hall you may freely eat, but not from the tray of knowledge of good and evil, or God shall surely smack you over the head with it.")
  • Tray of Prostitution (Driscoll)
  • Tray of it's April 27th of my Senior Year and I still haven't carved a tray! (Greylock)
  • Tray uv Illiteracy (Mission)

Tray Puns

  • Basic Trayning/I want to be a Driscoll Tray (Mission, was in Baxter)
  • Death Before Detrayal (Driscoll and Mission)
  • Tray Bien
  • Judgment Tray
  • Penetraytion (Mission)
  • Defenestraytion
  • Titraytion (Driscoll)
  • Libertray, Egalitray, Fraternitray (Mission; also says Wilbur Sucks LI)
  • Take the A-Tray
  • Trayin' Alive (Mission)
  • Elizabeth Traylor (Driscoll)
  • Traymate of the Year (Driscoll)
  • Tray of eMission (Mission)
  • Traytor to your Countray (Driscoll)
  • Night Trayn (Mission)
  • Lazy Suntray (Tray That Double Tray) (Driscoll) new

Mysterious Drawings

  • A proof that temperatures exist below absolute zero using orbital diagrams (Driscoll)
  • An illustration of a normal gaussian distribution (Driscoll)
  • Some nonsense with a guy in a boat and an angel thing (Driscoll)
  • A pretty well-done and detailed sketch of some dude's face, similar in style, as Dan skillfully put it, to the drawings of Egon Schiele; further analysis has revealed it to be the work of Rachel S. Selinsky '06 (Driscoll)


  • Tray 3:16 (Mission)
  • <math>e^{\pi i}+1=0</math> (Driscoll)
  • Mea mecum ludit virginitas (Driscoll; this tray presumably commemorates the Concert Choir's 2004 performance of Orff's Carmina Burana)
  • Chuck Chuck / buh-Chuck / etc. / Fuck / etc. / Chuck! (Greylock)
  • Monkeypo (Driscoll)
  • GRUNDEL (Greylock; this tray suggests that the kind of person who wants to carve "Grundle" into a dining hall tray is also the kind of person who is too dumb to spell "Grundle" correctly.)

Ideas for Carvings

So awful.

  • Infiltraytion (I think this one exists)
  • Tray the course
  • Extray credit for puns
  • Wilbur: Zuckerman's Traymous Pig (sucks)
  • Et tu, Brutray? Then fall, Caesar salad.
  • Tray the Earth Stood Still
  • Auto-Traycheotomy
  • Tray that funky music, white boy
  • Jonathan Traylor Thomas
  • LNT: Leave No Trays
  • My baby takes the morning trayn
  • Early Gothic Traycery (with sketches)
  • A sketch of the monster from Pumpkinhead 1
  • The 6th Tray
  • (I'm going off the rails on a) Crazy Trayn
  • All aboard the Night Trayn
  • Keep food off of the Traychea
  • 40 trays and 40 bites
  • On the 7th tray, Cod rested.
  • The Tray After Tomorrow
  • Independence Tray
  • Tray? Fine by me.

Sledding trays

Trays that have been stolen and used as sleds often have shallow or deep grooves in the bottom, running parallel to the long axis of the tray. This is courtesy of the rocks buried underneath the snow that Williams students sled on. Rocks: not your ordinary tray carvers.