Tray carvings

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Carvings generally fall into three categories: Wilbur trays, "Tray of" trays, and tray puns.

Let's make a comprehensive list of dining hall tray scratchings. Include locations, if known/remembered.


Does anyone know Wilbur's story? Create it!

  • Wilbur Sucks I - LXII (beyond?)
  • Wilbur cooks with spices (Greylock?)
  • Wilbur was framed (Greylock)
  • Wilbur plays ice hockey
  • Wilbur takes econ
  • Wilbur invaded Poland (Greylock)
  • Wilbur donates blood
  • Welcome to Wilbur Country (including serifs and Surgeon General's Warning; Mission)
  • Wilbur works the corner (Greylock)
  • Wilbur failed the MCATs
  • Wilbur tips poorly (Greylock)

Cult of Tom

I haven't witnessed this, but heard from Alaya Kuntz '04 that, a while ago, there was a "war" in the Odd Quad between two Toms, via tray carvings. People would carve something like "Cult of Tom" regardless of which Tom they were for, and somehow everyone would know which Tom it was. Can anyone confirm?

Edit: Driscoll trays sometimes featured both "Cult of Tom" and "Cult of Thom." This may be the distinction referred to above. Either way, Cult-of-Tom trays were very common in Driscoll, at least circa 2003.

Tray of...

  • Tray of the Thnikkaman (including drawing; Mission)
  • The tray of repeatedly hitting yourself over the head with a shovel (Mission)
  • Tray of Spiritual Horniness (Driscoll)
  • Tray of Snow Bocce 2004 (Mission)
  • Tray of Feral Pigs (Mission)

Tray Puns

  • Basic Trayning/I want to be a Driscoll Tray (Mission)
  • Death Before Detrayal (Driscoll and Mission)
  • Tray Bien
  • Judgment Tray
  • Penetraytion (Mission)
  • Defenestraytion
  • Libertray, Egalitray, Fraternitray (Mission)
  • Take the A-Tray
  • Trayin' Alive (Mission)


  • Tray 3:16 (Mission)
  • Tray of Williams (Wesleyan)

Ideas for Carvings

So awful.

  • Infiltraytion (I think this one exists)
  • Tray the course
  • Extray credit for puns
  • Wilbur: Zuckerman's Traymous Pig (sucks)
  • Et tray, Brute? Then fall, salad. (Wouldn't "Et tu, Brutray?" work better?)
  • Tray the Earth Stood Still (was listed above before, but I think I just imagined it)
  • Auto-Traycheotomy
  • Tray that funky music, Greylock.