Unintuitive pronunciations

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A lot of names around here aren't pronounced the way they look, but their referents are often too modest to correct you. So, this page is dedicated to collecting and disseminating the proper pronunciations of names that are often bungled.

rhymes with: IPA
Paul Reyns "Mayans" [maɪənz] (or monosyllabic [maɪnz]?)
Jason Kohn "cone" [koʊn]
Adam Bloch "a bomb lock" [əˈdɑm blɑk]
Noemi "show me" [ˈnoʊmi] (or trisyllabic [ˈnoʊəˌmi]?) (or maybe [noe'mi])
Wege Auditorium "Peggy" [ˈwɛgi]
Devereux Powers "Lever - oh" ['dɛvəɹoʊ]