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"Unix" is the address of a server that students can log into in order to check email. The machine "Unix" does not actually exist; it is a front for two identical servers, Clio and Terpsichore. Nonetheless, your college-issued login is often most commonly referred to as your "Unix ID" because of this server address, even though you are more likely to use it to check your email or log into Blackboard.

"Unix" is named after the operating system, UNIX, which runs on Clio and Terpsichore. UNIX is often used in server environments, and its descendants include Linux and Mac OS X. You can read more about UNIX at Wikipedia.

Logging into Unix

  • From Windows: Go to Start -> Run..., and type "telnet unix.williams.edu"
  • From Mac OS X/Linux: Open a command line, and type "ssh unix.williams.edu"

Things to do on Unix

  • the command "pine" will open up PINE, a robust email client that is often faster than IMP.
  • "cal" will print out this month's calendar.
  • "w" will tell you who else is logged in.
  • "write USERNAME" will let you send a message to another user who is logged into the system, provided you replace USERNAME with that person's Unix ID. Terminate your message by typing Control-D.
  • Figure out how to use the command line.