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Unix ID underscore

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Back in the day, unixes included the class year, so if you had the same initials as one (or two, or three) other people in your class, you were stuck with an ungainly underscore.


  • 07mab_2 Megan Bruck
  • 07mg_2 Mike Gnozzio
  • 07els_2 Elizabeth Spragins
  • 07sej_2 Sarah Jenks
  • 07mam_2 Alex Matthews
  • 09am_2 Andrew Miao
  • 09ack_2 Alex Kramer
  • 10hs_2 Harsh Sodhi
  • 09kaw_2 Kyle Whitson
  • 10mm_2 Mohamed Musthag
  • 07amh_2 Allyson Holmes
  • 09cjv_2 Carl Vos
  • 09jcl_2 Joshua Lynch-Ramirez


  • 08mch_3 Moneyshots Hagerty
  • 09am_3 Andres Montoya
  • 07mam_3 Manuel Moutinho


  • Jonathan Landsman '05 spared Joanna L. Lloyd '05 from an _2 fate by never telling Williams his full legal name. He got 05jl, she 05jll, and the two were able to become friends -- if always with some mutual wariness.