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Welcome to my personal to-do list of articles that I want to start. I add here as I think of something at moments when I lack the will or time to actually start writing them, because I have the kind of bad habit of trying to write wiki articles largely full-formed on the first pass.

Feel free to start any of the below yourself! But be aware that I'll probably be especially interested in the topic and have an idea of how to cover it, and may add or change what you do in a big way.

Feel free also to add to any of the lists below to help me out! But please do not delete or move anything.

Articles I Intend to Start

Articles I Cannot Start

Here are the articles I think a full Willipedia should have, but which I don't know enough about to contribute well to.

  • Bell-ringing -- the Thompson Chapel bell ringing traditions
  • Chalking -- info and history of the QSU tradition. ideally would quote and date (to the year) notable examples


  • practice my cribbage
don't let your recent streak go to your lice-infested head
  • drink a Yuengling
got one on ice, baby baby
  • take off two Wednesdays from now and show up in Rochester for the Lilac Festival
not gonna happen
  • add sandwich treatise
hm, doing a treatise on sandwiches is on my to-do list? maybe i DO have time to come up to Rochester!
it'll take me five minutes. I wrote it in my head years ago