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Please update frequently with the availability of various beverages at different machines, card acceptance/rejection, eating of money, and any other advice/warnings.

General News and Info

In the fall 2005, twenty campus vending machines, through the efforts of Dining Services, were fitted with motion sensors which turn the machine on when people walk in front of it. These devices conserve enough energy to pay back the cost of the device in as little as 4 months.

Coke machines

"Soda" is actually called pop by some people. Others try to please most demographics by refering to it as "soda pop," while still others, for some inexplicable reason, call all varieties of soda "coke." The title of this section is able to sidestep this issue, as Coca-Cola Co. has a deal with the college to provide free beverages in the dining halls in return for the exlusive right to put vending machines on campus, thus all soft drinks here may be justifiably gathered under the term "Coke."

'62 CTD Basement

Located in the depths of the lower level in the mini-kitchen, near the AMT green rooms. The card reader does not work and if you ask for your dollar bill back it gives you quarters instead. This machine is notable for being one of the few on campus that distributes CANS of soda, rather than plastic bottles. On one hand, you get less soda per order- on the other hand, sometimes you just want to satisfy a small craving, not chug a 400+ fl. oz bottle. This machine is perfect for those times. Also, each can is only 65 cents. That's AMAZING when compared to the exorbitant pricing of some machines (I'm looking at you, dollar-twenty-five-soda-machine-just-outside-of-Schow).

Art Studio

Albeit unreliable when it comes to using change (the coin slot has been broken for quite some while), the soda machine takes cards and dollar bills. Located on the 2nd floor of Spencer, in the nook next to the couches.

Bronfman Basement

A good alternative if the Schow machine is empty. Has been known to emit two bottles of diet coke for the price of one on more than one occassion, perhaps due to the fact that the bottle sometimes gets stuck while being dispensed and some don't think to reach up and pull it out. It can be frustrating, however, that there are three slots for regular coke despite the fact that diet coke is frequently sold out.


It's a coke product machine underneath the staircase as you go down to the basement. It now accepts coins. Joy.


Takes neither cards nor coins, so keep your dollars crisp. Make sure your item is in stock too, because it doesn't return those dollars either.



This one is outside the building in the overhang. Card reader is broken.

Dodd Kitchen

Frequently problems with card reader. Some occasional problems with cash as well... coins are your best bet.

Fitch Basement

Near the pool table; a good alternative if the Prospect machine is empty or not working. However, quite frequently steals money.

Also very convenient for Odd Quad residents trying to finish problem sets at 3 AM.


Situated in the basement, the soda machine only takes change.

Goodrich, 2nd floor

A dark horse, reliable diet coke source which lurks next to the copy machine on the second floor.

Greylock Dining Hall

What was the point of putting vending machines behind doors that would be locked at night, when students would need them most?

Hopkins Basement

Located near the men's bathroom, perhaps the most theiving machine on campus. Also boasts the worst selection of drinks (particularly when the Coke and Sprite are sold out). However, undeniably useful if one has a morning class in Hopkins or is drooping off during College Bowl practice.

Jesup 2nd floor

Another good alternative, though it has sometimes not worked. May eat your cash.

Update: The coke machine currently does not work.

Update 2: Appears to be fixed

Update 3: Appears to be broken again


Machines on both sides.

The snack machine in the lounge/pool room gives an error message and steals $.75 about every other time a card is inserted.


Located in the basement. Was the cause of much frustration for certain upperclassmen living there this past summer; never accepted either cash or cards, necessitating the meticulous collection of loose coins before making a trip downstairs.

Perry House

Coke machine located in the side entrance. Frequently empty.

Prospect Basement

If you're in the mood for Jagged Ice, be warned. To get this most awesome of the Powerade varieties, you may have to push the button for the less awesome orange-colored Powerade variety.

Very convenient for Odd Quad residents seeking caffeine at 3 AM.

Has been known to give water instead of Powerade.

Sawyer entrance

Infrequently empty.

Except during finals, when there's no diet coke by the end of reading period.

Schow Entrance

Probably the most-used on campus. Nifty dispenser. Runs out of Diet Coke frequently. Known to eat cards. The only machine with Dr.Pepper, also known to contain diet coke with lime just after being re-stocked.

Has, in the past, been very convenient for Williams Trivia players seeking caffeine at 5 AM.

Stetson near Office Services

Somewhat creepy as it's motion-activated; when you approach it, it suddenly springs to life. Has bottles. usually full.


It's between the Big House and the annex. It dispenses Coke products, and it has the motion sensor thing. If you duck, stealthily, you can avoid activating the motion sensor every time you come in the door. This saves energy.

Williams E

Basement, by the laundry machines.

Juice machines


It's on the second floor, north side, and dispenses Minute Maid brand products. . . or eats your money.

Sage Basement

Like an awesome slot machine, sometimes it wastes your money, but once in the while you hit the jackpot. I once got 4 for the price of one.

Williams E

Near the Laundry machines. As of this summer, dispensed two orange juices for the price of one. Considered a delight by many.

Hopkins Basement

Warm beverage machines

Downstairs below Sawyer library.

Outside Schow Library, behind the stairs in front of the restrooms. It gives no indication of when it's out of cups, however, and so your hot drink (and your money) may end up down the drain.

Snack machines

Schow Entrance

Rarely has strawberry pop-tarts. Bronfman basement is, generally, a safer bets for a strawberry pop-tart buzz.

Greylock Dining Hall

Like the coke machine, this is also inaccessible at night.

Hopkins Basement

For a faultless vend, 24 hours a day (you might have to come in through the security door on the East side and walk down the whole hall... occasionally well worth it though). As of Nov. 30th, refuses to take coins, although still delivers when presented a crisp Washington.

Lasell Gym

Installed next to the Powerade vending machine at the entrance during Spring Break 2006. Perhaps the most ironically placed snack machine on campus.

Mission Lobby

Tucked in the corner of the room with the pool tables.

Bronfman Basement

If you're studying in Schow and the machine there is out of your favorite treat, sneak over to this under-utilized gem.

Williams Hall

By the washing machines under Willy E/F. Occasionally eats up money on your card, so it's better to pay with cash.