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WARP (the Williams Association of Role-Players) is a club dedicated to roleplaying and similar Odd Quad-type activities. The club is noted for its laissez-faire organization; traditionally WARP only holds one meeting, at the beginning of the year, and thereafter organizes through its listserver in smaller groups. (If it sounds fragmented and chaotic, that's because it is.) Although roleplaying is a primary focus of WARP, it coordinates a variety of similar activities. Among them are bopswording (hitting each other with PVC-and-foam swords for fun and profit), Laser Tag, board games, card games, and whatever else comes to mind.

The WARP listserver, in addition to serving as the coordination tool of the club, also serves the valuable purpose of a spam conduit, down which people send links to strange news articles, online games, and other procrastination aids. The listserver is also a good place to settle important fantasy-battle questions, like "who would win in a fight: a cave troll, or a pack of velociraptors?" Finally, the WARP listserver is an excellent place to observe WARP crust in action, since many WARP members never leave the listserver even after graduation.

Traditionally WARP has two "real" officer positions: the Figurehead (president) and the Shady Grand Vizier (treasurer). The current (05-06) Figurehead is Amanda R. Van Rhyn '06, and the current Grand Vizier is Jake F. Manley '07. In practice, WARP has a long hierarchy of ever-fluctuating ceremonial titles, the most enduring of which is the Not-Pope.

WARP is affiliated with most of the other organizations of the Odd Quad, if only by shared membership. The strongest link is to the Deviants listserver, which serves as a more neutral socialization branch of essentially the same social group. Other closely-affiliated organizations include the Elizabethans, the (Moocho Macho Moocow Military) Marching Band, and the Mad Cow.