WCFM Williamstown 91.9 FM

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How to Listen

  1. Check out the schedule
  2. Tune in at Shoutcast or listen the old-fashioned way by tuning in to 91.9 FM on your radio

General Info

Arguably the best student group on campus, WCFM is the best darn radio station in all of Prospect. Maybe even in the entire Berkshire Quad!

WCFM is known primarily for rocking your collective face off.

And -- has a transmitter as powerful as a good hair dryer!

Check out our Shoutcast stream to listen in over the tubes of the Internet. You can always, though, tune your radios to 91.9 FM if you are within 10 miles of campus.

If you are interested in becoming a DJ, please email Emilie Voight at Emilie.R.Voight@williams.edu, and we will get you hooked up at one of our Notorious (for becoming spontaneous parties) DJ Training Sessions. DJs gain the privilege of enjoying all of WCFMs exclusive hot-hot-hot member's only benefits: incredible music library, sweet sound equipment good for rocking your own face off, bring the two best concerts Williams College experiences each year, being a part of an team of awesome if haphazard people.

If you are interested in attending one of WCFM's illustrious, mysterious board meetings, they are every Sunday night at 8:00pm in Hopkins 206.

If you are not a DJ and are interested in using our cash-money production studio, please contact our Production Director, Michael Kamida.

WCFM was founded in 1879. It went underground when frats were abolished in 1970-something, but resurfaced as a major force on campus when Adam Sober (not a joke) Ain took over in the year of our Savior, 2004. Maybe it was 2003.

WCFM Mission Statement

WCFM has been instituted and organized to promote the benefits of educational radio and to provide entertainment and information to the students, faculty, and community members of Williams College and Williamstown.

Past WCFM Concerts

  • Spring 2004: The Wrens
  • Fall 2004: The Hi-Risers; Los Straitjackets with the Pontani Sisters
  • Spring 2005: RJD2
  • Fall 2005: Fear Nuttin Band
  • Spring 2006: Ghostland Observatory + The Apparitions
  • Fall 2006: The Headset + The Capital Years
  • March 2007: The Blow, Mirah, and the Ettes

Board for Spring 2007

  • General Manager: Brian Hwang
  • Programming Director: Nick Colella
  • Treasurer: Jeff Kaplan
  • Technical Director: Ian Mitchell
  • Internal Music Director: George Carstocea
  • External Music Director: Laura Specker
  • Assistant Music Director: Patti Exster
  • Production Director: Michael Kamida
  • Sports Director: Ian Mitchell
  • Personnel Directors: Emilie Voight
  • External Public Relations Directors: Beverly Acha & Anthony Molina
  • Internal Public Relations Director: Andrea Park
  • Special Events Committee Chair: Andy St. Louis, et al.