WSO Secure iChat Service

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One of the cool new features that came with upgrading Ursula to Tiger was a built in secure Jabber server (which Apple refers to an iChat service). We’ve now turned this feature on, so anyone with a WSO account can login and chat (text, audio, or video) over an encrypted channel. The service should work with your favorite Jabber client. Here’s the relevant configuration information:

Jabber ID:
Server Name:
Port: 5223
Options to use SSL should be turned on.
Options to force the use of “Old Style” SSL should be turned on.

Some clients automatically append the server name to your ID. If you’re using such a program, don’t include the when you specify your Jabber ID. Also, don’t assume that the default settings will be correct as far as the port and SSL go. Adium, for example, does not use SSL by default.

Once you’ve logged in, you can start listing other WSO users as your buddies. Your friends will appear as offline until they confirm your buddy invitation.

You can send messages to people who are offline. They’ll get your message when they next login.