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Watch Your Step

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Though it's a beautiful campus, nooks and crannies of Williams gather ice in the long winter, or feature idiosyncrasies that pose a hazard to the unwary. In the interest of public safesty, helpful editors offer notice of the following areas.

Permanent Hazards

  • Leaving Physics
  • Leaving Brooks Rodgers Recital Hall toward the doors of Chapin
  • Walking out onto the observatory deck
  • If you take a shortcut down the little hill outside of Greylock (dining hall) Classroom C when it's muddy
  • On the step up and subsequent stairs down to the side entrance of Griffin
  • Around Miss 301 '06
  • Entering Bronfman. People stumble on the little metal slab walking in all the time.
  • Going down the steps in WCMA from the museum to the art history floor. When they mop/when it rains/when it snows, they are mad slippery.

Icy Paths

  • Walking past the President's House down towards the Congo Church on the left side of Rt. 2.
  • Walking towards Rt. 2 from Goodrich (near the railing).
  • What your step out of Griffin. It's a tricky one
  • Walking down the hill in front of Goodrich.
  • The steps of Clark get really slippery.
  • The steps between Fay and Prospect.

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