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This is a forum for people to tell each other where they are living, as suggested in [http://wso.williams.edu/discuss/comments.php?DiscussionID=159 this discussion]. Please put the room number first, followed by the occupant(s) of the room, and arrange the rooms in numerical order, so that people can find them easily. Leave an empty line between each entry, or else they'll all go on the same line. '''Do not edit this with privileged information from the Log or Goodrich during the room draw, or you (and [[Diana Davis '07|I]]) might be put at the end of the housing draw.'''
#REDIRECT [[Private:Room assignments, 2006-2007]]
==Dodd Neighborhood==
104. Adam McKay
205. anna weber & erika williams
===Goodrich House===
1 - Emilie Voight, Victoria Williams
204A-Rebecca Lawrence
204B-Toby Schneider
204C-Courtney Bearns
206A-Ana Correa
206B-Bartley Tablante
===Tyler Annex===
201-Pat Lucey
202-Jordan O'Reily
204-Kevin Flynn
205-Nick Fersen
206-Andy Camposeo
215-Craig Sundberg
216-Rory Jensen
==Spencer Neighborhood==
203 - Rustam Abedinzadeh & Nagarajan Nandagopal
204 - Michael Gerbush & Brady Murphy
205 - Tianyi He & ?
A34 - Noah Lindquist
A35 (I think?) - Allison McAndrew
A36 - Jonathan Dahlberg
C21 - (Elizabeth) Allie Wilkes
C22 - Courtney Schirr
C31 - Katherine Lee
C31 - (James) Walker Matthews
===Mark Hopkins===
B33 Noe Fernandez
B34 Ruth Aronoff
B35 Matt Lincoln
B36 Bonnie O'Keefe
402 Quinn Sievers, Thatcher Heumann
2A Sarah Ginsburg
2B Emma Reynolds
2C Sarah Kwak
2D Emily Bruce
208: Aleha Aziz '07
209: Hanjie Jessie Yu '07
211: JA Pam Vachatimanont'07
308: Rowena Ahsan '07
309: Eileen Kim '07
311: Ridhima Raina '07
402: Diana Davis '07
==Currier Neighborhood==
105. sunmi yang
106. kate foster
107. charlotte white
112. becca gifford
113. ben kolesar
==Wood Neighborhood==
A31 Liz Upton
A32 Ana Pacheco-Navarro
A33 Aston Gonzalez
A34 Alex Letvin
C31 Matthew McClure
C32 Will Eusden
C33 Will Parker
13B- Sergio Nicolas Marte

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