Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford

For now, the website is probably your best bet.

Oxford City

Exeter College

Simply the best. A haven of light and of happiness in the centre of Oxford. Must see: Bat colony, quad mice, beautiful Chapel. It's also bigger than Jesus.

The Programme

It's not bad. Sometimes the Director gives you porridge. And if you're lucky, a piece of bread. But only when you do your work. And that work will probably be making shoes. Know how to use an awl?


Dormitory-style, 10 beds per room.

Field Trips

When the finished products get shipped down to London, some students get to ride with the cargo trucks. In the cargo hold, of course. Also once a year the more productive students get to go to Portsmouth to watch the container ships leave.

Student Government

There is a "GovCom" (governance committee), chosen from the students, who serve as foremen for the factory floor.

Subsidies, Mobile Phones, Etc.

I think the program(me) is getting new cell phones for the students next year.


There's a library so in your free time you can read books.

Tutorial System

Oxford is run on a tutorial system. That means you, one partner, and someone with a doctorate or close to it. Sometimes you have no partner. For a full tutorial, you meet one hour a week for eight weeks, with an essay prepared for class. For a half tutorial, it's every other week, four meetings total. Both types culminate in a final exam, essay, or presentation.

Grading at Oxford

Oxford students don't get grades. Williams students studying at Oxford do get grades...usually better grades than they would have gotten had they stayed at Williams.

Courses of Study

Alumni: let's try to get sections for as many subjects as we've taken, and comment on them. This is the most important part, probably.

American Studies

American Studies majors do it patriotically.


Anthropologists do it with culture.


Art History

Artists do it by design.

Asian Studies


Classics (Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew)

Comparative Literature

Computer Science

Computer Scientists do it bit by bit.


Economists do it with models.

Economists do it with interest.


English majors do it with an accent.




Historians do it for old times' sake.


Lab Sciences

Lab scientists do it with accuracy.

Literary Studies

Lit Studies majors do it by the book.

Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematicians do it discretely.


Musicians do it with rhythm.


Although Joe Cruz may try to convince you not to come (if what you are seeking is preparation for philosophy graduate study in the US), studying philosophy at Oxford makes you a more intellectually independent thinker. You probably won't get reading lists, and you might not even get a topic. Get ready for some quality hours slugging out in the Merton Street philo library. You'll have access to every philosophy book or article ever written -- a far better collection than Williams -- and access to the best lecturers in the world. Have fun!

Philosophers can't prove they do it.

Philosophers do it ponderously.

Political Science


Psychologists do it on the couch.

Religion (Theology)





Actors do it on cue.

Women's and Gender Studies

Current Participants

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