Williams Christian Fellowship

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As a fellowship, the WCF desires to see people come to know the LOVE of God and make Jesus LORD over their whole lives, so that everything they say or do is lived out in WORSHIP, in response to who God is. The Fellowship is a Chapter of [www.intervarsity.org/ InterVarsity Christian Fellowship].

In pursuit of God, the Fellowship organizes gathering in prayer, worship on Wednesday nights, fellowship, community service, and Bible study, including its First-Year Bible Study program. These and all its other gatherings are open and welcoming to newcomers and visitors.

Umbrella Vision Summary

To establish and build a cross-cultural network of people (including students and faculty) following Jesus who are:

  1. Growing in love for one another as they are transformed by Jesus
  2. Learning about the gospel and sharing it with others
  3. Walking through life together
  4. Experiencing God's heart for the world and His purposes for their lives.

Together, they pray and seek resources to grow and witness, being plugged into the local church, and encouraging one another to pursue God.