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Williams Katrina Book

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A project initiated in 2008, the "Williams Katrina Book" (working title) aims to chronicle the the Williams community's ongoing commitment to the reconstruction efforts in the Gulf Coast. The project will serve as an opportunity to celebrate the dignity and resilience of those affected by Hurricane Katrina, to preserve public memory of the August 2005 storms and their aftermath, and to document the history of this college's various efforts to help.


Email <email></email> or send to SU box 1040 with newspaper articles, essays, journals, photos, speech transcripts, letters, drawings, academic articles/abstracts/papers, and other relevant resources. Submissions are welcome from faculty, students, staff, and alumni, and are open as of March 2008.


  • Jared Oubre (08jfo)
  • Rashid Duroseau (09rad)
  • Rachel Ko (09rk)