Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization

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A note to those interested in trying out Ultimate: All but about 2 of WUFO's members have no experience playing ultimate before comming to a WUFO practice. As an organization, WUFO prides itself on being accepting to new members of all levels, who join at any point during the year. If you are interested in frisbee, regardless of experience: email 07tpa@williams.edu or 07tek@williams.edu. Or just stop down at Poker Flats most days at 4PM, we will be happy to introduce you to the sport all of us have fallen in love with.

WUFO or Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization boast one of the largest organizations on campus. WUFO is a CoEd group (although subdivided into WUFO and La Wufa), is run by students, and includes a fall club season with A and B teams, a fall IM season, a spring break trip, and a spring college season with A and B teams.

Unlike NCAA run sports, Ultimate Frisbee is run by the UPA (www.upa.org) and all colleges compete in one large division broken into regions. As a result, Williams often finds itself competing against schools more than 10X its size. Despite this, WUFO has had varied success over the years, most recently sending a team to Nationals in 2003 and winning the West New England sectional tournament in both 2005 and 2006.

In addition to sporting an A-team and 2 B-teams, WUFO members are often lifelong friends and frequently come back to visit one another and current Wufites. Wufo alums (or Kraftees) have gone on to play and coach many NE teams most notably WUFO's presence on DoG and Twisted Metal two NE club teams who are both top 10 nationally.


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Mountains are purple,
I like the dean,
But WUFO is psyched.

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