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Willipedia uses MediaWiki, the same software that powers the free and famous Wikipedia. In addition, Willipedia uses the following MediaWiki Extensions, which let you insert cool components into an article page using only the textbox. Click the links to learn more about the specific syntax for each extension.

  • Math: allows for equations like this:

<math> e^{\pi i} + 1 = 0 </math>

  • Maps: enables Maps with little markers:
Loading map...
  • Easytimeline: actually not all that easy and not all that pretty, but it's there if you want it.
  • MailObfuscator: if you put an email address in between <email> tags, then spam robots won't be able to see it. But people will. See, it looks normal:
    • <email>wiki@wso.williams.edu</email>