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There's a lot of possibilities for what Willipedia could be, but it won't do anything well unless people share goals and coordinate their efforts. This page is dedicated to enumerating:

  1. the project's goals
  2. what has been done to achieve each goal
  3. what remains to be done to achieve each goal

Of course, there's still plenty of room for people to do their own thing on the wiki. This page shouldn't discourage other uses; it's just here for people who would like to know how to help, and why.


Information about student groups

WSO has a database [1] of student organizations, but it is out of date. Willipedia is an ideal place to put this information, so that people can keep officers and meeting times current.

What has been done

We have a list of student groups, several substantial articles about groups, and several trivial articles directing the reader to the group's home page. There is a template Template:Group available to plop into each group's article to keep their basic information organized.

What remains to be done

  • Deploying the template on each active student group's article, and filling in the information. Just copy-paste this into the group's article, and fill it in:

[[Category:Groups]] {{Group| | name = | type = | selective = | membership = | meeting-time = | meeting-place = | office = | contact-name = | contact-unix = | wso-listserver = | oit-listserver = | website = | established = }}

    • Student group leaders have been emailed, asking them to do this for their own group.
  • Writing descriptions of groups which don't have any descriptions.
  • Removing defunct groups from the list of student groups.

Information about student housing

At the very least, it would be nice to have descriptions of each house. These articles ought to include photos, physical/architectural descriptions, "vital stats" (number of bathrooms, number of doubles, etc.), and what sort of person is likely to pick in there. Even better would be descriptions of every room. This would be a positive boon for room draw.

What has been done

There's a pretty comprehensive article on Currier Hall, and the article on Thompson Hall includes a handful of room descriptions. There's a nice template (Template:Residence) available for organizing vital stats (see Thompson for an example usage. A list of buildings, including student residences, has been organized.

What remains to be done

  1. Make a list of residences without articles, and a list of residences with articles that need improving, and put them here.
  2. Write those articles!
    • Deploy the Template:Residence on them.
    • Add each article to the Student Housing category
    • Gather the vital statistics from [2] and [3]
    • Upload photos.
    • Write about the history and state of each building.