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The Wiki board sets policies for the Wiki, organizes and edits articles, grants administrative privileges, and generally decides the direction of Willipedia. The board can be reached at <email></email>.

The current board members are:

Stuff for the Willipedia Board to do

If you are not busy, try one of these fun things yourself.

  • Keep an eye on Recent changes. Look at the edits people have made and fix spelling, take out inappropriate content, and beautify right away.
  • Read the policies, learn them, and then read through random pages to make sure they're in line and fix them when they're questionable.
  • Check out Special Pages, linked from the top right corner of every Willipedia page. There's a lot of stuff there to do.
    • Fun stuff
      • Wanted pages. What articles do a lot of pages link to, that aren't written yet? Start writing.
      • Unused files. Find pages to put the pictures on, and stick 'em in. Pages with pictures are prettier.
    • Nit-picky stuff