Writing Workshop

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Writing Workshop
Type of groupAcademic support service
Selectivehighly selective
Meeting placeWege Auditorium
Officetop floor of Sawyer,
back of Schow

The Writing Workshop consists of about 60 students who are paid to privately tutor other students in writing and public speaking. After being nominated by a faculty member, candidates are interviewed by the Workshop's supervisor(s), and some are selected to become tutors the following school year. With minor oversight from the Academic Resource Center, the Workshop is led this year by Andrés López, Helen Hood, and Fida-E Tashfia. It offers students assistance in the following areas:

Drop-in Shifts

The Workshop is open from 7:45 p.m. to 12:15 a.m., Sunday through Thursday in the back of Schow Science Library and on the top floor of Sawyer Library. You can sign up for a half-hour slot or just drop by and hope a tutor is available. This year's tutor schedule will be posted at the beginning of the fall semester.

Other services of the workshop require special arrangements. (Sorry, no drop-ins.) They are:

English as a Second Language (or third, or...)

The Workshop also has tutors trained to help foreign students with their English prose. Contact Kim Fassler or Alexandra Letvin.

Murphy Wing

Students who would like to work with one tutor on a regular basis for a semester should contact Dianne Pfundstein. (Take note that Dianne is just the coordinator, and will not necessarily be your permanent tutor.)

Speech Workshop

The speech workshop is for anyone who would like help with a presentation or public speech. Contact: Amanda Whiting.

Senior moments

It is a Workshop tradition that a few meetings each year will be run by a senior member of the Workshop, who will use the period to share with the group an issue of tangential relation to peer editing.

One fondly remembered address, How Not To Be a Jerk (pdf), was given in 2004 by Evan Miller '06.