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Yekutiel self nom

My name is Emanuel Yekutiel and I am running for re-election as the Class of 2011 Representative. Participating in College Council these last three semesters has brought meaning and purpose to my time at Williams. I have approached my position with seriousness, a sense of responsibility, and the energy needed to get things done. If I am elected I promise to continue to serve in this way.

In my time as Class Representative I have: 1.Established the Williams Concert Committee which has put on five concerts for the Student Body 2. Formed a Proposal brought to Senior Staff to amend issues with the Laundry Machines on Campus 3.Established the Facilities Director Committee, which provides a monthly meeting between Students and Facilities to provide space for input and dialogue 4. Interviewed and assisted in the hiring of the Goodrich Coffee Bar Managers 5. Served as a member of the Committee for Undergraduate Life, and The Dining Services Committee, the office of Campus Life’s Contracts Committee, Student Spaces Committee, and the Registration Form Committee 6. Brought back the 95 Year-old Snow Sculpture Competition this Winter 7. Chaired the Sophomore Orientation Subcommittee, which crafted a proposal for a new program for Sophomores coming back to campus. 8. Visited the archives multiple times in order to find the best historical Williams photographs for a permanent photograph exhibit in the Student Activities Suite in Paresky 9. Convinced OIT to put Two Mac Computers in Goodrich 10. Convinced school to add a second ID money-uploading machine in Paresky. 11. Met every Sunday evening to help set the College Council Agenda. 12. Served my constituents in the Class of 2011 by answering questions, providing assistance, and sending out delightful emails of inspiration. I have loved every minute of College Council and would be honored and grateful to continue to be a part of this very important organization. Thank You -Emanuel Yekutiel