Your Mom

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Your Mom is a conceit with currency among some circles at Williams. It is probably a derivative of the "Yo Momma"/"Your Mom" joke that were popular in grade school. It is invariably used with irony. "Your mom" can be used as an unthinking answer to a question or a quick and easy riposte. E.g.,

"I'm going to the baseball game, wanna come?"

"Your mom wants to come."

Your mom reached her peak popularity in 2002-2003, when more than a handful of seniors gave Math colloquia with "Your Mom" in the title. The complete list is:

“Blowing Up Cubes: Making Your Mom Proud” (Satyan Devadoss, professor)

“An Examination of Outcome Sensitivity to Deception in a Case-Control Study of Second-Hand Smoking or What to Do If Your Mom Lies about Smoking” (Michael Baoicchi ’03)

“The 15 Puzzle: How to Stump Your Mom” (Tracy Borawski ’03)

“Backwards Induction Is Not Robust or Why You Can’t Always Trust Your Mom in a Truel” (Adam Cole '03)

“Analyzing Dichotomous Dependent Variables Using Logistic Regression, or How to Predict Absolutely Anything about Your Mom” (Jennifer Doleac ’03)

“Throwing Darts with Your Mom, or, Is the Continuum Hypothesis False?” (Williams Edgar '03)

“AES: The Best Way to Hide your Internet Movie Collection from Your Mom” (Robert Gonzalez ’03)

“The Game of “Guess It” or How to Bluff Your Mom Out of 30 Grand” (Thomas Hodgson ’03)

“HOMFLY and Your Mom: Polynomials and Braids” (Brian Katz '03)

“The Banach-Tarski Paradox, or How to Turn Your Mom into a Turkey” (Daniel Klasik ’03)

“On Voting Coalitions and Power Indices. Should Your Mom Be a Politician?” (Edvard Major ’03)

“The Continuous Wavelet Transform: Wavelets and Your Mom, or, rather, Their Mom” (Mark Rothlisberger ’03)

“Can You Prove the Existence of Your Mom without Offering a Construction? Algebraic Curves, Invariants, and Hilbert’s Finite Basis” (Eric Schoenfeld ’03)