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Question: For those of you who don't know, Local 12 is the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union. In "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show," our most famous member, Boris Badenov, is often seen picketing for the one thing that TV villains never get. What is it?
Answer: Top billing.
Song: Theme from "Rocky": Bill Conti

Realm: Bob Newhart
Question: What are Howard Borden's two brothers' names and occupations?
Answer: Warden Gordon Borden, and Norman Borden, the Mormon doorman.
Song: The Name Game: Shirley Ellis

Question: What is Oscar Madison's favorite dinner?
Answer: Lasagna and french fries.
Song: Surfin' Bird: Trashmen

Realm: Bionic Creatures
Question: Name all the bionic creatures.
Answer: There are six: 1) Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man. 2) Jamie Sommers, the Bionic Woman. 3) Barney Miller, the Seven Million Dollar Man (race car). 4) Andy Sheffield, the Bionic Boy. 5) Max, the Bionic Dog. 6) Big Foot-- he was a bionic alien.
Song: I Can See For Miles: The Who

Realm: Comics
Question: What is the only world that Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, could not stomach?
Answer: The Dark Nebula, former home of the evil Dire Wraiths. Rom, Spaceknight led Galactus to Table, but the Wraith evil soon overcame even the all-powerful devourer. (Earth or Zenn-La is not acceptable. In these cases, Galactus was coerced by the Silver Surfer not to eat the respective planets' life energies, though he could have done so if he wanted to.)
Song: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy: Ohio Express

Realm: "All in the Family"
Question: What was Archie Bunker's name in the first two pilot episodes of "All in the Family"?
Answer: Archie Justice.
Song: Here Comes The Judge: Shorty Long

Realm: "Peanuts"
Question: What is the name of the cat next door?
Answer: World War II.
Song: Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron: Royal Guardsmen

Question: Abbott and Costello originated the famous comedy routine "Who's on First?" Name each of the ballplayers in the script by position.
Answer: 1st: Who; 2nd: What; 3rd: I Don't Know; SS-- I Don't Care; Catcher: Today; Pitcher: Tomorrow; Leftfield: Why; Centerfield: Because. (No rightfielder is ever mentioned.)
Song: You Talk Too Much: Joe Jones

Realm: "All The President's Men"
Question: What is Chuck Colson's motto? He has it on a plaque in his office.
Answer: "When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds follow."
Song: Heart and Soul: Cleftones

Realm: Sports
Question: In what weight class, and against whom did Cassius Clay win an Olymnpic gold medal?
Answer: Light heavyweight, Ionis Chapulis.
Song: A Hundred Pounds of Clay: Gene McDaniel

Realm: Comics
Question: What happened when Crystal, the Inhuman, gave birth to a son fathered by the lightning-fast mutant, Quicksilver?
Answer: Inhuman and mutant genes cancelled out, and the baby was born normal.
Song: Worst That Could Happen: Brooklyn Bridge

Realm: "Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
Question: Who was the Ghost?
Answer: Captain Daniel Gregg.
Song: Ride Captain Ride: Blues Image

Realm: "Airplane"
Question: Why didn't they light the landing field?
Answer: Because that's exactly what they're expecting us to do.
Song: Eight Miles High: Byrds

Realm: Sports
Question: Which pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in a World Series game?
Answer: Bob Gibson (18). 1968--St. Louis Cardinals
Song: Red Rubber Ball: Cyrkle

Realm: Comics
Question: Name the last names of the five principal characters in "Archie Comics."
Answer: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper.
Song: Bang-Shang-A-Lang: Archies

Realm: Ads
Question: When he sits down to take a sip of Savarin Coffee, people crowd around and await his reaction. If he smiles, an entire Colombian village rejoices. Who is he?
Answer: El Exigente, the Demanding One.
Song: Fool On the Hill: Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Question: In "The World According to Garp," what does T.S. stand for?
Answer: Technical Sergeant, Terribly Shy, Terribly Sexy, and Terribly Sad.
Song: Take a Letter, Maria: R.B. Greaves

Question: What was the original title of the Beatles' movie "A Hard Day's Night," and what was the original title of their movie "Help!"?
Answer: "Beatlemania" and "Eight Arms to Hold You," respectively.
Song: Teeny Bopper Song: Keith

Realm: "Saturday Night Live"
Question: Where is your port of call in the Navye, NJ.
Song: In The Navy: Village People

Realm: TV, "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
Question: What is Richie Petrie's middle name, and why?
Answer: Rosebud. Rob, Laura, and their in-laws argued about the name of Rob and Laura's child. Rosebud is an acronym for the first names suggested by the in- laws: Robert, Oscar, Sam, Edward, Benjamin, Ulysses, David.
Song: Family of Man: 3 Dog Night

Question: What were the names of the four kids on the TV show "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"?
Answer: Trevor, Tracy, Kyle, and Joel.
Song: Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash

Question: What premier Austrian skiier was expelled from the 1972 Winter Olympics for alleged professionalism?
Answer: Karl Schranz.
Song: Money: The Flying Lizards

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: Everybody knows that New York is the Big Apple, but what is North Adams' nickname?
Answer: The Tunnel City. (Because of the Hoosac train tunnel.)
Song: New York Mining Disaster 1941: Bee Gees

Question: It took two years at the finest boys' school for Charles Foster Kane to learn what?
Answer: To wiggle both ears at the same time.
Song: Earache My Eye: Cheech & Chong

Realm: "Peanuts"
Question: Who are Woodstock's three bird friends?
Answer: Bill, Olivier, and Conrad.
Song: Yellow Bird: Arthur Lyman Group

(NOTE: Harriet the girl bird eventually joined the crew.)

Question: What is the refugee route drawn on the map at the beginning of "Casablanca"?
Answer: Paris-Marseilles-Oron-Casablanca-Lisbon-Free World.
Song: Long Way Round: Linda Ronstadt

Question: In "Winnie-the-Pooh," under what sign did Piglet live, and what did the words mean?
Answer: The sign read "Trespassers W," which was short for "Trespassers Will," which was a shortened form of the name of Piglet's grandfather, Trespassers William.
Song: House at Pooh Corner: Loggins and Messina

Realm: "Doonesbury"
Question: What is the name of the tanning contest which Zonker enters year after year?
Answer: George Hamilton Cocoa Butter Open.
Song: Who'll Stop the Rain: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Four of the actors who have played Tarzan have also won Olympic medals. Who are they?
Answer: Buster Crabbe, Johnnler, Herman Brix, Glen Morris.
Song: Apeman: Kinks

Realm: "Wizard of Id"
Question: What are the names of the Fool, the Wizard's wife, and Rodney's girlfriend?
Answer: Fool-- Bung; Wizard's wife-- Blanche; Rodney's girlfriend-- Gwen
Song: Lady Godiva: Peter & Gordon

Realm: Ads
Question: The voice of the "Chicken of the Sea" mermaid is done by Alfalfa's girlfriend in "The Little Rascals." What is her real name?
Answer: Darla Hood.
Song: Groovin': The Rascals

Realm: TV, "Barney Miller"
Question: Why was the 12th Precinct closed?
Answer: It was sold after being declared a national landmark, because Teddy Roosevelt's police revolver, from when he was Chief of Police, was found in the precinct's storeroom.
Song: Peter Gunn: Ray Anthony

Realm: Sports
Question: Name the "New York Sack Exchange" and the "Crunch Bunch."
Answer: Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons, Abdul Salaam and Mark Gastineau are the Sack Exchange. Brad van Pelt, Harry Carson, Brian Kelley and Lawrence Taylor are the Crunch Bunch.
Song: Hurt So Bad: Little Anthony & the Imperials

Realm: "M*A*S*H" (Book)
Question: What does F.K.P.H. & W. stand for?
Answer: Finest Kind Pediatric Hospital and Whorehouse.
Song: Keep It Warm: Flo & Eddie

Realm: Sports
Question: In the 1981-82 hockey season, Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers broke Phil Esposito's mark of 76 goals in one season. Who was the goalie who gave up the 77th goal?
Answer: Don Edwards, Buffalo Sabres.
Song: For What It's Worth: Buffalo Springfield

Realm: Bob Newhart
Question: From "The Bob Newhart Show," what does one need as an ante if one wants to play the card game Klopsky?
Answer: A banana.
Song: Banana Boat (Day-O): Harry Belafonte

Realm: Ads
Question: "I didn't use my anti-perspirant yesterday, and I may not use it today." Which anti-perspirant is being referred to?
Answer: Mitchum.
Song: That Smell: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Realm: Comics
Question: Everyone loves to laugh at comic book sound effects like "Pow" and "Bam." What happens when you "hear" the following "sounds": 1) Thwippp; 2) Bamf; 3) Snikt?
Answer: 1) Spider-Man shooting a web (phoneticists take note: the third P is silent); 2) Sound of exploding air as Nightcrawler of the X-M 3) Wolverine of the X-Men extending his adamantium claws.
Song: Cast Your Fate to the Wind: Sounds Orchestral

Realm: TV
Question: What was the cartoon sidekick of the Mighty Hercules, and what type of creature was he?
Answer: Newton, centaur.
Song: The Minotaur: Dick Hyman and his Electric Orchestra

Realm: Ads
Question: What three drinks do the Beach Boys endorse, and what songs do they use?
Answer: Sunkist-- "Good Vibrations" Diet Sunkist-- "California Girls" Tropicana Chuggers-- "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Song: Till There Was You: Anita Bryant

(NOTE: Actually, the Beach Boys saw no money for their "endorsement." The band lost control of their songs in the late 1960s during a vindictive dispute with their estranged father/manager, Murry Wilson. Over Brian Wilson's frantic objections, Murry turned down a deal that would have kept the publishing rights in the Wilsons' hands for perpetuity. Instead, Dad sold 100 percent of his sons' catalogue outright for $700,000. The songs are now worth in excess of $30 million.)

Realm: Movies
Question: Humphrey Bogart played Captain Queeg in the 1954 film version of "The Caine Mutiny." What nickname was the character given by his crew?
Answer: Old Yellowstain.
Song: Mellow Yellow: Donovan

Realm: TV, "Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Question: How did Chuckles the Clown meet his end?
Answer: Dressed as Peter Peanut, he led a parade and was "shelled to death by a rogue elephant."
Song: See The Funny Little Clown: Bobby Goldsboro

Realm: Movies, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
Question: What music is playing at Spock's memorial service?
Answer: "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes.
Song: Born To Be Burned: Grace Slick

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "Rocky," Rocky has four pets. What types of animals were they, and what were their names?
Answer: Dog-- Butkus; 2 turtles-- Cuff and Link; Goldfish-- Moby Dick.
Song: House of the Rising Sun: Animals

Realm: TV
Question: Which show, still on the air, is the longest-running national TV series?
Answer: "Meet the Press."
Song: Tomorrow: Strawberry Alarm Clock

Realm: Ads
Question: Sing "The Tale of the Marlboro Brand."
Song: Kind of a Drag: Buckinghams

Realm: Sports
Question: In the 1982 baseball season, Rickey Henderson of the Oakland A's tied and later broke Lou Brock's single-season stolen base record of 118, in a series against the Milwaukee Brewers. Please name the pitcher-catcher combinations against whom he tied and broke the record.
Answer: Mike Caldwell- Ted Simmons (#118) Doc Medich- Ted Simmons (#119).
Song: Magic Carpet Ride: Steppenwolf

Realm: Comics
Question: According to the Nemedian Chronicles, "he came into an age undreamed of.... black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of Earth under his sandaled feet." Who is he?
Answer: Conan of Cimmeria, of course.
Song: Cosmik Debris: Frank Zappa

Realm: Sports
Question: Bobby Thomson hit the famous "home run heard around the world" to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers and win the National League pennant for the New York Giants. Who was in the on-deck circle at the time?
Answer: Rookie outfielder Willie Mays. (Pitcher: Ralph Branca)
Song: The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo): Manfred Mann

Question: There are all kinds of exotic monsters. For example, in "Winnie-the-Pooh," there are heffalumps and woozles. In the Himalayas, there's the yeti, also called the Abominable Snowman. What we would like to know is, what is a posslq (posselcue), and where is it found?
Answer: The U.S. Census Bureau's "polite" term for a person of opposite sex, same living quarters. Found in minds of census takers.
Song: The Unicorn Song: Irish Rovers

Realm: "Magilla Gorilla"
Question: On "Magilla Gorilla," what was the name of the little girl who always asked, "How much is that gorilla in the window?"
Answer: O.G.
Song: Gee: Crows

Realm: Ads
Question: Sing the Aviance song.
Answer: I've been sweet and I've been good. I've had a long hard day of motherhood. But I'm going to have an Aviance night, oh yeah..... I'm going to have an Aviance night.
Song: It's a Question of Temperature: Human Sexual Response

Realm: "M*A*S*H"
Question: What does a feverish Frank Burns leave in his will to Hot Lips?
Answer: All his clothes.
Song: Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye: Steam

Question: The Disney character Goofy has a superhero secret identity. What is his name, and how did he change into his alter ego?
Answer: Supergoof. He ate goobers (peanuts).
Song: Secret Agent Man: Ventures

Realm: "Planet of the Apes"
Question: In the movie 'Planet of the Apes,' what are Charlton Heston's first words after losing his voice due to a bullet wound?
Answer: "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"
Song: Ape Call: Nervous Norvus

Realm: Sports
Question: Rick McLeish and Jim Lorentz each got one in the 1974 Stanley Cup finals. What were they?
Answer: They killed bats with their sticks.
Song: Rat Bat Blue: Deep Purple

Realm: "The Sting"
Question: There were three horse races in "The Sting." Everyone knows that the 3 winning horses were Blue Note, Wrecking Crew, and Lucky Dan. At what racetracks did each of these horses do their running?
Answer: Naragansett, Belmont, Riverside.
Song: I Got a Line on You: Spirit

Realm: Comics (DC)
Question: Every year in this contest we find out that Joe Chill was the thug who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents, and thus prompted the birth of the Batman. This question is a bit tougher. Who raised the orphaned Bruce Wayne?
Answer: Irony of ironies, it was Joe Chill's mother. Only Alfred the Butler knows her as anyone other than Mrs. Chilton.
Song: Mother-In-Law: Ernie K-Doe

Realm: Please name Dudley Do-Right's horse and girlfriend.
Question: A: Horse: Horse; Girlfriend: Sweet Nell Fenwick.
Song: The Horse: Cliff Nobles & Co.

Realm: Ads
Question: What 3 things does the helpless traveller in Rome (who didn't carry American Express Travellers' Checks) say on the phone to cover the loss of his wallet?
Answer: 1) I want to send a telegram-- rapido speedo. 2) I wanna cancelloni mya credita cards. 3) I hava no cash. (Which the waiter overhears.)
Song: Swlabr: Cream

Question: What two American 100-meter runners missed the quarterfinals at the 1972 Summer Olympics because they were given the wrong schedule?
Answer: Eddie Hart and Rey Robinson.
Song: Lies: Knickerbockers

Realm: TV
Question: What was the name of the policeman in the TV cartoon "Top Cat"?
Answer: Officer Dibble.
Song: Child For a Day: Cat Stevens

Question: What are the highest and lowest levels in the SRA reading labs?
Answer: Aqua-- highest; Red-lowest.
Song: Colour My World: Chicago

Question: In "To Have and Have Not," Lauren Bacall, only 18 at the time, plays a beautiful barmaid. Her part calls for her to sing a song, but another voice is actually dubbed in over hers. Whose is it?
Answer: A twelve-year-old Andy Williams.
Song: Classical Gas: Mason Williams

Realm: Ads
Question: Sing the Olympia Beer jingle. A:
Answer: You'll enjoy Olympia, sparkling cool and clear.
You'll enjoy Olympia - it's the most refreshing beer.
There's a reason why, and "it's the water" -- sparkling pure, the best,
To make the finest tasting brew; the finest made in the Great Northwest.
You'll enjoy Olympia, sparkling cool and clear.
For refreshing satisfaction, always say "Olympia Beer".
It's the water that makes it good.
It's the water, it's understood...(Vamp to fadeout) (Thanks to Patrick Bailey for providing the answer)
Song: I Like Beer: Tom T. Hall

Question: Why was Rick Demont stripped of a gold medal in the 1972 Summer Olympic games?
Answer: He had taken asthma medication.
Song: Air That I Breathe: Hollies

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: What is on the S.A.B. Activities board? (It hasn't changed in months.)
Answer: Promotion for Toots and the Mayalls, Geoff Bartley at the Log.
Song: Still the Same: Bob Seger

Question: What nine things can you not take on board a Greyhound bus?
Answer: Corpses; snakes, live; fuel tanks (used); neon signs; animal heads; human blood (unless packed in wet ice); worms, live (unless specially packed); automobile windshields; bull semen (unless specially packed).
Song: Ramblin' Man: Allman Brothers Band

Question: What did Doonesbury's brother Benjy change his name to (full name, please), and what title did he claim?
Answer: Sal (Saliva) Putrid. He was the best punk rock guitarist in Oklahoma.
Song: Boogie Till You Puke: Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band

Realm: Comics
Question: According to the Red Skull, why did the Nazis lose the Second World War?
Answer: Because Hitler did not listen to the Red Skull.
Song: Soldier Boy: Shirelles

Realm: TV, "Star Trek"
Question: What was special about the crew of the U.S.S. Intrepid?
Answer: It was manned by a crew entirely composed of Vulcans before it was sucked into a giant amoeba.
Song: Red Hot: Billy Lee Riley & His Little Green Men

Question: In the 1979, 1980, and 1981 World Series, one player in each series hit a home run in his first career World Series at-bat. Please name these three players, and the team they played for.
Answer: 1979-- Doug DeCinces, Baltimore Orioles; 1980-- Amos Otis, Kansas City Royals; 1981-- Bob Watson, New York Yankees.
Song: Love is Like a Baseball Game: Intruders

Question: In the movie "Singin' in the Rain," how much did Lina Lamont claim to earn?
Answer: "I make more money than Calvin Coolidge put together."
Song: Peanuts: Little Joe & the Thrillers

Question: According to the narrator, which three words best describe the Grinch?
Answer: Stink, stank, stunk.
Song: White Christmas: Englebert Humperdinck

Realm: Ads
Question: We all remember their cute koala bear. But what does Qantas stand for?
Answer: Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Services.
Song: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport: Rolf Harris

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: What does the L.L. stand for in L.L. Bean?
Answer: Leon Leonwood.
Song: Louie Louie: Kingsmen

Realm: "Mary Tyler Moore"
Question: Ted, Murray, and Lou each fantasize about being married to Mary. In Lou's, what was wrong with fifty years of marriage to Mary? In Murray's, what did Mary do in his fantasy? And in Ted's, what happened?
Answer: 1) It had never been consummated. 2) She gave birth in the back room, so as not to disturb Murray's writing. 3) Mary walked out. "There are some things I won't do, even in a fantasy."
Song: One of a Kind Love Affair: Spinners

Question: Please name the only player in the history of the NBA to throw up three air balls in a 3-to-make-2 situation?
Answer: Elmore Smith, L.A. Lakers, 1974.
Song: The Impossible Dream: Roger Williams

Question: In the movie "Arthur," Dudley Moore introduces his paid companion for the evening as Princess Gloria, from a small island in the Carribean. What three examples does he give as to how small the island is?
Answer: #1: Rhode Island could beat the crap out of it in a war. #2: Cab fare from one end to the other is 80 cents. #3: They just had the entire island carpeted.
Song: Hooked on a Feeling: Blue Swede

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Name the mothers of these famous people: Larry Hagman, Mia Farrow, James MacArthur.
Answer: L.H.-- Mary Martin; M.F.-- Maureen O'Sullivan; J.M.-- Helen Hayes
Song: Popcorn: James Brown

Question: A three-point play. When Bullwinkle shows his hair stickum, his coonskin coat, and his five-tone shoes, and holding his little pennant, he is greeted by the Dean of Students, who tells him his courses. Bullwinkle complains because they will leave him very little time for playing football. So the Dean changes his courses, saying "Why didn't you tell me you were a football player?" All we want to know is, what were his three courses before and after the talk with the Dean? One point for any three; two points for all six.
Answer: Before: 1. Differential Calculus 2. History of the Peloponesian Wars 3. Kinetics of Chemistry After: 1. Personal Grooming 2. Crocheting 3. Reading Modern Classics (Dick and Jane at the Seashore).
Song: Be True to Your School: Beach Boys

Realm: "The Graduate"
Question: When Ben picks up Elaine for their date, "The Newlywed Game" is on TV. What is the question and answer we hear?
Answer: "What is your wife's most unusual habit?" "Not shaving her legs."
Song: Short Shorts: Royal Teens

Realm: The Dave Stevens Memorial Stall Question
Question: Name the films that the "internationally famous film star" Rula Lenska has appeared in.
Answer: We will accept any three things. She has appeared in nothing, except a commercial (for Alberto VO5).
Song: Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa: Otis Redding

Realm: TV
Question: Sing the "Gigantor" theme song. A:
Song: Godzilla: Blue Oyster Cult

Question: In 1969, Larry Lewis ran the 100-yard dash in 17.8 seconds. What was unusual about this feat?
Answer: It is the fastest time recorded for someone over 100 years old.
Song: Gee Whiz: Kathy Young & the Innocents

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: At last report, the FAA was still trying to find grounds to prosecute Larry Walters for his July 3, 1982 escapade. What did Larry Walters do?
Answer: He attached 44 helium-filled balloons to his lawn chair, rose to a height of over 16,000 feet, and came down by shooting the balloons with a B-B gun. (Said Larry, "The only thing I'll endorse is Sears lawn chairs.")
Song: Dazed and Confused: Led Zeppelin

Realm: Comics
Question: From the comic strip "Doonesbury," what four things are wrong w
Answer: Due to to lack of sleep, he hallucinates. This allows him to support both tax cuts and increases in military spending. 2. His brain has been shrinking since 1931. (Carter's brain has only been shrinking since 1944.) 3. He is only able to see backward through a rose-colored mist. 4. His thoughts are not edited by his conscious mind before he speaks them. Thus he vocalizes his opinions on all matters the instant they occur to him.
Song: Political Science: Randy Newman

Realm: Charlie Brown
Question: What did Charlie Brown's father do for a living?
Answer: He's a barber at "The Family Barber Shop."
Song: Sh-Boom: Crewcuts

Realm: Games
Question: Name the rooms in the game of Clue.
Answer: Ballroom, Hall, Library, Dining Room, Study, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Kitchen, Lounge.
Song: Games People Play: Joe South

Question: Only one football coach has won championships in both the AFL and NFL. Who was he?
Answer: Weeb Ewbank. (Colts & Jets)
Song: Both Sides Now: Judy Collins

Realm: "Mary Tyler Moore"
Question: Why didn't Lou have enough glasses for his party?
Answer: He couldn't eat jam fast enough.
Song: Jelly Jungle: Lemon Pipers

Question: In "Absence of Malice," where did Sally Fields' character have her first job?
Answer: With the Berkshire Eagle.
Song: Strawberry Fields Forever: Beatles

Question: Between 1969 and 1980, the Baltimore Orioles had nine different pitchers who won 20 or more games in at least one season. For one point, name six of them. For two points, name all nine.
Answer: Jim Palmer; Dave McNally; Mike Cuellar; Pat Dobson; Mike Torrez; Wayne Garland; Steve Stone; Mike Flanagan; Scott McGregor.
Song: We Are The Champions: Queen

Question: We've all heard that phrase, "And now, here's that Oscar-winning rabbit, Bugs Bunny." For what episode did Bugs win his Oscar?
Answer: "A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court."
Song: White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane

Realm: "M*A*S*H"
Question: What was Colonel Blake's favorite snack?
Answer: Scotch and Fig Newtons.
Song: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie: Jay & the Techniques

Realm: "Tumbleweeds"
Question: What is the name of the Indian tribe?
Answer: The Poohawk Reservation: Don Fardon

Realm: Movies, Atrocious
Question: From the dustbins of Japan's worst horror films comes..... Infra-Man. In but the first five minutes, we are treated to busloads of schoolchildren plummeting over a cliff, a volcano spewing forth prehistoric monsters, and entire cardboard cities engulfed by gasoline flames. Just in time to save the day comes Infra-Man, a fusion of man and machine created by Japan's top scientist. The evil monsters steal the Infra-Man blueprints to discover his weaknesses. Unbeknownst to them, the professor has added thunderbolt fists to his powers. Against what two objects did the mighty Infra-Man use his powerful thunderbolt fists?
Answer: 1. A globe of diamond dust fused in a nuclear furnace. He blew it to bits. This was his test. 2. The evil leader of the incredibly tacky monsters, none other than the Princess Dragon Mom.
Song: Sock It To Me Baby-- Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

Realm: Miscellaneous (3-point play)
Question: Tell us what Talking G.I. Joe says. 1 point for 3 of his phrases, 2 points for all 6.
Answer: 1. "G.I. Joe, U.S. Army, reporting for duty." 2. "Enemy planes hit the dirt." 3. "Medic, get that stretcher out here." 4. "Take Hill 79-- move out." 5. "Cover me. I'll get that machine gun." 6. "This is Charlie Company, send reinforcements." (I hope a recording of G.I. Joe saying all of these will be available.)
Song: Hey Joe: The Leaves

Realm: "All My Children"
Question: 1) Who were the Christmas carolers outside Cliff and Nina Warner's house? 2) Who played the New Year's Eve party at Pine Valley High School?
Answer: 1) Williams Octet; 2) Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.
Song: Chipmunk Song: The Chipmunks

Question: At the 1968 Summer Olympics, the American basketball team's leading scorer was a 19-year-old who had never played NCAA basketball before the games. Please name him.
Answer: Spencer Haywood.
Song: Billy, Don't Be a Hero: Bo Donaldson & the Haywoods

Realm: TV
Question: In the opening of the British TV series "The Prisoner," the last image seen is always a shot of Patrick McGoohan standing alone on a beach. What does he shout out at the ocean?
Answer: "I am not a number. I am a free man!"
Song: Prisoner of Your Love: Player

Question: What was ordered for dinner in "My Dinner with Andre"?
Answer: Potato soup (very delicious), quail, and fish pate.
Song: Cheeseburger in Paradise: Jimmy Buffett

Question: In the opening match of the 12th World Cup soccer tournament, something happened for the first time in twenty years. What?
Answer: A goal was scored, to give Belgium a 1-0 victory over Argentina.
Song: Don't Cry For Me Argentina: Patti LuPone

(NOTE: Despite the wording of the question, the preceding five World Cups did in fact include the occasional goal.)

Realm: Comix; "Hagar the Horrible"
Question: We want the names of Hagar's wife, children, and dog.
Answer: Children: Hamlet and Honi Wife: Helga Dog: Snert (By the way, Lucky Eddie's real name is Fortuitous Eduardo.)
Song: A Certain Girl: Yardbirds

Realm: Bogart Movies
Question: Who is Caspar Gutman?
Answer: From "The Maltese Falcon"-- he's the Fat Man.
Song: Spread Joy: Chubby Checker

Question: In the movie "The Graduate," Ben Braddock is directed to the Singleman party at the Taft Hotel by the desk clerk, played by Buck Henry. In the receiving line at the party, he meets both Mrs. Singleman and Mrs. DeWitt. Please name the two actresses who played the ladies, and their roles on the television show "Bewitched."
Answer: Mrs. Singleman was played by Alice Ghostley, who played Gladys Kravitz. Mrs. DeWitt was played by Marion Lorne, who played Aunt Clara.
Song: Witchy Woman: Eagles

(NOTE: The previous 5/82 contest, won by Local 12, was run by the team called "The Singleman Party.")

Realm: Ads
Question: Bill Cosby advertises Coca-Cola, and mentions that other colas are always trying to compare themselves to the Real Thing. What are these five colas?
Answer: Double Cola, C&C Cola, Shasta Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and R.C. Cola.
Song: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Realm: TV, "Star Trek"
Question: What is the major inconsistency between the episode "Space Seed" and the movie "The Wrath of Khan"?
Answer: Khan recognizes Chekhov in the movie, but Chekhov was not a character in the first season of "Star Trek," when the episode "Space Seed" appeared.
Song: People Are Strange: Doors

Realm: Sports
Question: Only three heavyweight champions ever retired undefeated. Name them.
Answer: James Jeffries, Gene Tunney, Rocky Marciano.
Song: I Can Make You A Man: Tim Curry

Realm: Comics, The Simple J. Malarkey Memorial Question
Question: In the classic comic strip "Pogo," political figures often appeared as animals or creatures. Tell us what kind of animals or creatures the following political figures appeared as-- 1 point for 2 correct answers, 2 points for all five. 1. Richard Nixon (there are two correct answers; we will accept either) 2. Lyndon Johnson (again, there are two-- we will accept either) 3. Fidel Castro 4. J. Edgar Hoover 5. Spiro Agnew.
Answer: 1. A toy elephant; a spider. 2. A centaur called "The Lone Arranger"; a longhorn steer. 3. A goat. 4. A bulldog. 5. A hyena.
Song: I Wanna Grow Up to Be a Politician: The Byrds

Realm: Ads
Question: What dessert is served for Bill Cosby at Tucker Inn, and what is it?
Answer: Pudding in a cloud--- Jell-O pudding on top of Cool Whip.
Song: Little Ole Man (Uptight- Everything's Alright): Bill Cosby

Realm: Movies, Death Squadron Memorial Question
Question: In the movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," Clint Eastwood habitually divides people into two types. According to Clint Eastwood in the movie's climactic final scene, what are the two types of people?
Answer: Those who have loaded guns, and those who dig.
Song: Bad is Bad: Dave Edmunds

Question: What three astronauts burned to death in the Apollo 4?
Answer: Virgil I. (Gus) Grissom); Edward H. White II; Roger B. Chaffee.
Song: Space Oddity: David Bowie

Realm: Movies, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
Question: The savage Black Beast (father of Ken, mother of John) is furiously chasing our heroes, Arthur and company. What saves them from imminent destruction at the teeth of the Beast?
Answer: The animator dies of a heart attack.
Song: Green Manalishi: Judas Priest (filed under J)

Question: How did the robot Tobar the Eighth get its power?
Answer: From smoking cigarettes.
Song: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Platters

Question: What American runners in the 1972 Summer Olympics were banned forever from the Games for undignified performance on the victory stand after the 400-meter run?
Answer: Vince Matthews and Wayne Collette.
Song: Take a Giant Step: The Monkees

Realm: Groucho Marx
Question: In 1972, Groucho Marx appeared in a special one-man performance at Carnegie Hall entitled "An Evening with Groucho." A comedy album by the same name was made. Who accompanied Groucho on piano for both the show and the album?
Answer: Marvin Hamlisch.
Song: Rented Tuxedo: The Rocky Fellers

Question: How did Cass Elliott of the Mamas and the Papas meet her untimely end?
Answer: She choked on a turkey sandwich, had a heart attack, and then fell into a swimming pool.
Song: She's Not There: The Zombies

(NOTE: While the sandwich part is rock legend (though some have speculated it was a nice way to cover up a drug overdose), Cass died in her apartment without a final "splash.")

Realm: TV, "Saturday Night Live"
Question: On "Mr. Robinsonâ's Neighborhood," what is the Word of the Day?
Answer: Scumbucket.
Song: Bucket T: Ronny & the Daytonas

Realm: TV
Question: When Beverly Sills was on "The Muppet Show," the ensemble sang the opera "Pigoletto." Several of the other animals questioned the choice, and requested operas of their own. What operas did the following animals want: the goat, the otter, the cows, and Robin, the little frog?
Answer: "Goaterdammerung"; "Traviotter"; "Madame Buttermilk"; and "Lowengreen."
Song: It's Not Easy Bein' Green: Kermit

(NOTE: With Songs #116-120 each being handwritten on the sheet, it can be interpreted that Local 12 did get this far into their contest on the air. Perhaps. At any rate, the remaining questions bear no handwritten additions, nor even numbers. Chances are they represent those questions not chosen for inclusion.... which might indicate that Local 12 simply ceased planning past 120 questions.... meaning that the handwritten songs might have no significance regarding the on-air question count. Spe

Question: In the basketball finals of the 1972 Summer Olympics, the USSR led the American team from the beginning of the game. But with three seconds remaining, an American player hit two foul shots to put the U.S. ahead, 50-49. For one point, who was the player? For another point, name the Soviet player who knocked down two American players and scored the winning basket.
Answer: Doug Collins, Alexandr Belov.
Song: Double Barrel: Dave & Ansil Collins

Question: What does Dr. Doom do every year at summer solstice?
Answer: He wrestles with the devil for the soul of his gypsy mother, who was a witch.
Song: In the Summertime: Mungo Jerry

Realm: Comics
Question: In the Marvel Universe, where is the "Nexus of All Realities," and what major character was created there?
Answer: The Florida Everglades. It was here that Dr. Ted Salis, while trying to make himself a super-soldier in the image of Captain America, became the mindless, macabre Man-Thing. (Everglades and Man-Thing are necessary)
Song: Amos Moses: Jerry Reed

Realm: Movies
Question: When are the words "Chariots of Fire" mentioned in the movie?
Answer: Near the end of Harold Abraham's memorial service, when the Boys Choir sings "Jerusalem."
Song: Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life:

Realm: TV
Question: In Archie Bunker's Bible, the virtues are "faith, hope, and charity." According to him, what is the greatest of these?
Answer: "Faith, hope, and charity... and the greatest of these is violence." (He was arguing with Mike about gun control.)
Song: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down): Cher

Realm: "M*A*S*H"
Question: What were B.J. Honeycutt's first words to Frank Burns?
Answer: "What say, Ferret Face?"
Song: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Roberta Flack

Realm: "Love Boat"
Question: What is the name of the Love Boat?
Answer: The Pacific Princess.
Song: Rock the Boat: Hues Corporation

Realm: "Beetle Bailey"
Question: What did Beetle Bailey study in college?
Answer: He was pre-law.
Song: On Campus: Dickie Goodman

Question: Diaper Man washed babies. Roper Man moored ships at the docks. What did Strong Man, Tornado Man and Cuckoo Man do for a living?
Answer: Strong Man-- auto-- pet store owner.
Song: Get a Job: Silhouettes

Realm: "American Graffiti"
Question: When Toad is in the liquor store, what 6 things does he ask for?
Answer: Beef jerky, a Three Musketeers, comb, ballpoint pen, batteries for his flashlight, and a pint of Old Harper's whiskey.
Song: Shop Around: Miracles

Realm: "Rock N Roll High School"
Question: School principal Miss Togar demonstrates a device called a "rockometer," which measures "comparative rock 'n roll intensity levels." At the bottom of the measurement scale is the label "muzak." Along the scale in ascending order are labels bearing names of various pop & rock performers. At the very top are the Ramones. What band is immediately below the Ramones on the scale?
Answer: The Who.
Song: Something by the Ramones

Question: In "Body Heat," what was Mary Ann Simpson's high school ambition?
Answer: She wanted to be rich and live in an exotic land.
Song: Midnight at the Oasis: Maria Muldaur

Question: From "Family Affair," what does Mr. French say the first time he meets Buffy?
Answer: "Mr. Davis, there are two of them." (Jody had been driving him crazy.)
Song: Family Affair: Sly & the Family Stone

Realm: Sports
Question: What quarterback backed up Bart Starr in the golden years of the Green Bay Packers?
Answer: Zeke Bratowski.
Song: Seasons in the Sun: Terry Jacks

Realm: Sports
Question: For what college did the seven Blocks of Granite play?
Answer: Fordham University.
Song: Stoned Soul Picnic: 5th Dimension

Realm: TV
Question: In what town did Jed Clampett discover oil?
Answer: Bug Tussle.
Song: Up Against the Wall, Rednecked Mother: Jerry Jeff Walker

Realm: Movies
Question: Tony Perkins kills a woman in the shower in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller "Psycho." What was the name of the motel where this occurred?
Answer: The Bates Motel.
Song: Goodnight Sweetheart: The Spaniels

Realm: TV
Question: Slip and Satch were nicknames of two of the Bowery Boys, or Dead End Kids. What were their real names supposed to be?
Answer: Terrence Alouitious Mahoney, and Horace Debussy Jones.
Song: The Boys Are Back in Town: Thin Lizzy

Realm: Marx Brothers
Question: In the Marx Brothers' movie "Monkey Business," whose passport wouldn't get off the ship?
Answer: Maurice Chevalier.
Song: Monkey Time: Major Lance

Realm: Movies
Question: In what film did Greta Garbo say, "I want to be alone"?
Answer: "Ninotchka."
Song: Midnight in Moscow: Kenny Ball

Realm: Movies
Question: "Ninotchka" was later made into a musical starring Fred Astaire. What was the name of the movie?
Answer: "Silk Stockings."
Song: Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts: Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans

Realm: "Casablanca"
Question: Rick tells Karl to give Victor and Ilsa Table 30. What is his reasoning?
Answer: It was as close to Sam, and as far from Major Strasser, as possible.
Song: Hooked on a Feeling: Blue Swede

Realm: "Godfather"
Question: From "The Godfather," what town in Italy is Vito Corleone from? What is his original last name, and who changed it for him?
Answer: Corleone, Andolini, the immigration officer.
Song: Pepino the Italian Mouse: Lou Monte

Realm: "Popeye"
Question: What is the name of Olive Oyl's sister?
Answer: Castor Oyl.
Song: Troglodyte: Jimmy Castor Bunch

(NOTE: Castor Oyl is Olive's BROTHER.)

Realm: Ads
Question: In the Charmin commercials, what is the name of George Whipple's twin brother?
Answer: Elmer Whipple.
Song: Brother Louie: Stories

Realm: TV Movies
Question: Steven Spielberg made his directing debut in a TV movie. Name the TV movie, and the famous actress he directed.
Answer: "Night Gallery"; Joan Crawford.
Song: Nice to Be With You: Gallery

(NOTE: "Night Gallery" was a TV series inspired by "The Twilight Zone," not a TV movie, and Spielberg directed one of its episodes.)

Realm: TV
Question: What do Kate Bradley and Betty Rubble have in common?
Answer: They were both played by Bea Benederet.
Song: Bumble Boogie: B. Bumble & the Stingers

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: What actress won both the Oscar and the Tony Awards for Best Actress in the same year? Also, name the movie and the play for which she won.
Answer: Ellen Burstyn, "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "Same Time, Next Year."
Song: School's Out: Alice Cooper

Realm: TV
Question: Mike Wallace used to host a half-hour TV documentary series called "Biography." At the beginning and end of each show, the credits came on in front of a drawing of four people. Who were the famous men in the drawing?
Answer: F.D. Roosevelt; Babe Ruth; Churchill; Gandhi; Einstein.
Song: Paint Me a Picture: Gary Lewis & the Playboys

(NOTE: Er.... that's five.)

Question: In the 1980 baseball season, three players appeared in games who had also been active players in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's, meaning that they had been active players in four different decades. For one point, name these three players and their teams. For a bonus point, name the man who appeared as a pinch hitter for the Chicago White Sox, making him only the second five- decade player in the history of major league baseball.
Answer: Four decades: Jim Kaat, St. Louis Cardinals Tim McCarver, Philadelphia Willie McCovey, San Francisco Five decades-- Minnie Minoso
Song: Time Won't Let Me: Outsiders

Realm: Sports
Question: As everyone knows, Lou Gehrig hold sthe career mark for most consecutive major league baseball games played. Who holds the National League record for most consecutive games?
Answer: Billy Williams, Chicago Cubs, 1117.
Song: Every Day of My Life: Bobby Vinton

Realm: Sports
Question: What two American 200-meter runners wore black gloves as a protest on the medal stand at the 1968 Summer Olympics?
Answer: Tommie Smith and John Carlos.
Song: I Want to Be Free: Ohio Players

Realm: Sports and Movies
Question: Against whom does Jake LaMotta throw the fight in "Raging Bull"?
Answer: Billy Fox.
Song: Foxy Lady: Jimi Hendrix

Realm: Ads
Question: What was the snack that was advertised in the same commercial as "Bugles"?
Answer: Whistles. (Daisies are also acceptable.)

Realm: Ads
Question: Give the original names of the Funny Face drinks for Jolly Ollie Orange, and Choo Choo Cherry.
Answer: Injun Orange, and Chinese Cherry. (They were considered offensive.)

Realm: Music
Question: In the 1950s, they had a hit single as Tom and Jerry. What group do we know them as?
Answer: Simon and Garfunkel.

(NOTE: The song, "Hey Schoolgirl," was a regional hit that peaked at #49 on the national "Billboard" charts.)

Realm: Music
Question: In Billy Joel's "Piano Man," four people are mentioned. Who are they, and what are their occupations?
Answer: Bill-- the Piano Man; John-- bartender; Paul-- real estate novelist (?).

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: Who wrote Chris Roosenraad's recommendation to come to Williams?
Answer: Uncle Jim, Jim Hall (visiting professor from Wisconsin).

Realm: Sports
Question: Who won the F.A. Cup in 1982?
Answer: Tottenham Hot Spurs defeated Queen's Park Rangers.

Realm: Sports
Question: Aside from Dave Rimington of Nebraska, what players have won the Outland Trophy as a junior?
Answer: Ross Brown, DE, Notre Dame, '74; Zeke Smith, DT, Auburn, '58

Question: What figures have appeared on boxes of Sugar Smacks?
Answer: Quickdraw McGraw, Smackin' Brothers, Dig 'Em the Frog.

Question: Please name the nine celebrities who appeared on the first show of "The Hollywood Squares."
Answer: Wally Cox; Rose Marie; Morey Amsterdam; Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver); Ernest Borgnine; Sally Field; Agnes Moorhead; Abbey Dalton; Nick Adams.

(NOTE: This precise question was one of Alphabet Soup's Hour Bonuses in Spring, 1978.)

Question: Who preceded Uncle Charlie on "My Three Sons"?
Answer: Bub (William Frawley).

Question: On "The Munsters," what kind of pet did Eddie own, what was its name, and where did it live?
Answer: Spot, the fire-breathing dragon, who lived under the stairs.

Question: Whom did Rocky defeat at the beginning of "Rocky"?
Answer: Spider Rico.
Song: Rock On: David Essex

Question: Last May, students at a school in Juarez, Mexico took hostages to try to force the Mexican government to come up with funds to keep the school from going bankrupt. What did the students take hostage?
Answer: Millions of valuable experimental bugs needed to combat the boll weevil.

Realm: Ads
Question: What is the guarantee offered by Firestone radials?
Answer: You go through ice, mud, and snow, or we pay the tow.

Realm: Movies
Question: During that atrocious sci-fi flick "Beware the Blob," we first see a cute kitten get swallowed. Next comes Chester, eaten while watching TV. What was he watching?
Answer: A little-known Steve McQueen movie, "The Blob."
Song: Frankenstein: Edgar Winter Group

Question: Who wrote the music and sang in the movie "Silent Running"?
Answer: Peter Schikele and Joan Baez.

Realm: TV Cartoons
Question: Tom of T.H.U.M.B. (Tiny Human Undercover Missions Bureau) battled the evil men of M.A.A.D. What does this stand for?
Answer: Maladjusted, Anti-Social And Darn Mean.

Question: What is the full name of the child of Prince Charles and Lady Di?
Answer: Prince William of Wales--- William Arthur Phillip Louis-- he will be King William V. (Phillip is after Prince Phillip. Louis is after Lord Mountbatten of Burma.)

Realm: TV Cartoons
Question: According to Warner Brothers, what is Hiawatha's quest?
Answer: "I'm gonna catch me a wabbit, ayup, ayup, that's what I'm a-gonna do."

Realm: TV Soaps
Question: On "General Hospital," after parachuting to escape from Jasper Airways, Luke Spencer rents a car. What is the car's nickname?
Answer: Thunder-chicken.

Realm: TV
Question: On "The Green Hornet," who played the role of Kato, the faithful companion?
Answer: Bruce Lee.

Realm: Sports
Question: Who hit the first home run in the Astrodome?
Answer: Mickey Mantle, in an exhibition game.

Question: What melody was heard more than any other in the U.S. last year?
Answer: The music that is played on a Pac-Man machine.

Question: In the movie "Casablanca," in the scene in the cafe in Paris, Elsa and Rick are drinking champagne. Please give us the brand of the champagne.