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The 24th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest. May, 1978



Note: The Super Bonuses were graded on a sliding 10-point scale. Hour Bonuses were an all-or-nothing proposition, and were worth 5 points apiece. There was NO partial credit. As ever, teams had one hour to complete them. Hour Bonuses were read orally over the air in their entirety. Teams that successfully finished any bonus were credited on-air as the time ticked away, to increase the pressure on those teams who had not.

  1. (12:00): Treasure Hunt -- Not everything about this bonus is known, but here's some of it: Teams had to reach a succession of three (or four) destinations. Upon arriving at each, they would then call WCFM with the correct answer. If the team was indeed at the correct location, they would be sent further along their way. Within this hunt there were many questions which had to be answered, some of which were on a blank question form. There were also numbered questions of some sort, and pages that had to be handed in. Some of the answers needed to be alphabetized. But there was no 'N'. Got that?

  2. (4 AM): Sports Illustrated Covers


  1. (12:00): Batman Villains

  2. (1 AM): ABA-WFL Franchises

  3. (2 AM): The Beatles

  4. (3 AM): Last Lines from Movies

  5. (4 AM): Famous Dogs

  6. (5 AM): Snack Bar Ladies

  7. (6 AM): Hollywood Squares

  8. (7 AM): Comic Book Cabals


Announced at the top of Hours #1-7 (and called 'Trivia Action' in this period rather than 'Action Trivia'), teams were asked to send one player down to handle each. In this era, Action Trivia were considered basic trivia questions that happened to have physical answers. The goal was to get it right, with little emphasis on the creative how's.

  1. Perform the Tang moonwalk.

  2. Perform the opening sequence to "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood."

  3. Show us "the French Mistake."

  4. Do the Brownie Smile song.

  5. Walk in as a happy Wild And Crazy Guy.... tell us your team name.... then walk out as a sad Wild And Crazy Guy.

  6. Act out the closing scene of the movie "Now, Voyager," with props.

  7. Shoot a free throw the way Kyle Macy would.