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The 42nd Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest. May, 1987



  1. (12:00): Americana (partial answers) -- Sections on the three pillars of American life: Ronald Reagan, Geography, and Childhood TV (don't ask too many questions and it'll hold up, we promise). And then a trivia-free section on "How many does it take...." Lightbulb Jokes.

  2. (4 AM): Mystery and Suspense -- A hefty bonus with big sections on mystery novels, characters, places, etc., lots of TV and movie chillers, and subsections on Hitchcock, "The Twilight Zone," and more. And then the biggest mystery of all-- a bunch of questions at the end about sci-fi, Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Greek mythology, and those two masters of suspense, Abbott and Costello.



  1. Not known. (See NOTE.)

  2. Do "DethTongue" live!

  3. Marvin the Paranoid Android interacting with Eddie the ship computer.

  4. Act out the baseball scene from the Star Trek episode, "I, Mudd."

  5. We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes displayed 19 old photos of then-current Williams faculty. Teams were permitted to send up to three players to view the photos and offer one guess apiece.

  6. J.J. Caucus, Mike Doonesbury's wife, is an artist. At one point (namely, this past September) she created a performance art piece on commission. It was truly a glorious piece. Come down and do for us J.J.'s performance art piece. You have a choice between the private and public showings.

  7. Stage the rescue from Castle Anthrax. (*NOTE FOR VEGETARIANS: The Monty Python and the Holy Grail-inspired "Bring us a shrubbery!" was an infamous Action Trivia from somewhere around this time. It was infamous because several teams simply sent a runner over to Baxter who, just before entering, ripped out some of the nearby vegetation. The unhappy result was noticed when the sun came up.

    Anyhow, pinpointing the precise time of this Action has proved tricky. It was mentioned in the 12/87 contest intro, so presumably happened earlier. This, the 5/87 contest, has six Actions identified, leaving just the vacant first slot. #7 is also a "Holy Grail" scene, which suggests that a second is at least unlikely. Going back to the 12/86 contest, its Actions are listed, and "shrubbery" is not there. The 5/86 contest is largely unknown, but that's a year and a half before the 12/87 intro.

    So all this archive can say for sure is that the mid-1980s was a bad time to be a bush along the Baxter walkway.)