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January 24-25, 2020

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Super 1 10:00 PM Space + Jam = Space Jam Answers
Super 2 2:00 AM Scripts Answers


Hour 1 10:00 PM Spelling Counts Answers
Hour 2 11:00 PM Anti-Match Game Answers
Hour 3 12:00 AM Civics Answers
Hour 4 1:00 AM Rock Around the Clock Answers
Hour 5 2:00 AM What's in a Game? Answers
Hour 6 3:00 AM Measure for Measure Answers
Hour 7 4:00 AM International TV Answers
Hour 8 5:00 AM This or That Answers


Action 1 Cold Open 10:30 PM Create a cold open for a TV show about the Williams Trivia Competition. This can either be from the point of view of a team playing or a team running the competition. Submissions
Action 2 Mom Email 11:30 PM Get the mom of one of your team members to explain how special you are in an email. You will get more points the more we are convinced that it is actually your mom and the more special she makes you seem. She should send an email to citationneededteam@gmail.com. When you do this, submit the phrase "YOUR MOM" to the submission page so we can get you points. Submissions
Action 3 Future Vision 12:30 AM Use your 2020s vision. Pretend it's December 2029 and write a Top 10 list as a retrospective from January 2020 to December 2029. The list can be on any topic. Submissions
Action 4 "Improve" CATS 1:30 AM Producers sent a patch to theaters in a futile effort to improve CATS (2019). Send us a newer patch to "improve" it more. Submissions
Action 5 An Amazing Alliteration Action 2:30 AM Take a picture of one of your team members with as many objects as possible beginning with the same letter. Include an explanation of what all the objects are. Submissions
Action 6 Emoji Chart 3:30 AM Who reads anymore? Modernize the boring old eye chart with fun, fresh emojis. That's right, we're using the "2020 vision" pun again! Submissions
Action 7 We Want Pie 4:30 AM We require a pie. Please explain to us how you are getting a pie from wherever you are at to Providence RI in under an hour. You do not actually to have get us a pie. Submissions


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