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The 35th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest, December 5, 1983



  1. (12:00) The "Don't Tell Me What To Do" Imperatives Bonus -- Containing "100 trivially important commands, directions, instructions, and pieces of advice," this was simply a marvelous Super whose general structure should be plundered and imitated regularly. The Interrogatory Bonus, anyone? The Pluperfect? Springing from the mind of Mitch Katz, this was quickly and ably abetted by many other Phasers.

  2. (4 AM) Audio


  1. (12:00) Star Trek (questions only)

  2. (1 AM) Sports Nicknames

  3. (2 AM) Comics -- Each team received an envelope (marked "For Your Eyes Only") containing 16 reproductions of comic book pages, some with pieces cut out of them to eliminate certain information. Depending on the piece, teams had to either name the significance of the events portrayed, the characters zapping and thwonking about, or the artists who drew them.

  4. (3 AM)

  5. (4 AM) Graduated Bonus -- Read over the radio, this was like a mini-Ultra bonus in that 4 sets of names were read, for a grand total of nine. Three of the names were given at 4:00, and additional pairs were read at 4:15, 4:30, and 4:45. All of the names had one thing in common, and getting the connection was worth 8, 6, 4, or 2 points depending on time.

  6. (5 AM) Movie Titles

  7. (6 AM) The Twilight Zone -- Teams were given the introductory set-ups of 15 episodes of the popular sci-fi TV show; they had to provide the twist or trick that came by half hour's end.

  8. (7 AM) The All-American Breakfast Bonus -- Twenty tasty breakfast foods (Folger's, Wheaties, Eggo) were listed. Teams had to provide the advertising slogan for each.