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The 34th Semi-Annual Williams College Trivia Contest, May, 1983


NOTE: Smedley Terrace's boni, like their questions, were scored on a video game point system. This was in tribute to the opening of a video game-a-rama arcade on Spring Street at the time. All Hour Boni, therefore, were worth 10,000 points apiece.


  1. (12:00): The Andy Warhol Everybody-Will-Be-Famous-For-15-Minutes Bonus (questions only) -- A list of 81 names; teams had to explain what each person was famous for. Essentially the exact same concept as "The Trivia 100" Super Bonus many years later.

  2. (4 AM): Syndicated Late-Night TV (questions only) Tons of totally tantalizing televisual tidbits, to test trivia teams' tenacity.


  1. (12:00) Saturday Morning Cartoons The very finest entertainment that low-paying Korean sweatshops could trace.

  2. (1 AM) College Sports -- People often ask: "How has the contest changed over the years?" The answer is clear. Williams Trivia of the 1970s and early-80s had a LOT more college basketball questions than nowadays.

  3. (2 AM) Numbers Audio (answers only) -- Twenty-one clips of the numbers 0 through 21 being sung (one clip covered 14 and 15 both). This popular theme has been done twice since, most recently in 1996.

  4. (3 AM) Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Asimov, Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, Dune, swords and their owners, elves, Laws of Robotics, and other geeky gems.

  5. (4 AM) The Doors -- No Mr. Mojo Risin', wallowing in the mire, or brains squirmin' like a toad -- but a contact sheet of 15-20 small photographs taken by Jong Yang and Lee Farbman, each featuring a particular door on campus. Teams had to ID the doors (Admissions office, Griffin Hall, etc).

  6. (5 AM) The British Invasion -- Gerry & the Pacemakers, the Kinks, Herman's Hermits, the Yardbirds, the Whom, and other bands with scandalously long hair.

  7. (6 AM) The Muppets -- Questions about (mostly) "The Muppet Show" proper, though a live human mistakenly snuck in there.

  8. (8 AM) Cult Movies (questions only) -- Of the 20 films in this bonus, see if you know which one WASN'T directed by Stanley Kubrick: "A Clockwork Orange," "Dr. Strangelove," or "I Dismember Mama"?


Smedley Terrace posed their Action Trivia as on-air questions. If you don't feel like scrolling through their on-air contest to locate their four Actions, here they are.