Department tchotchke

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Whether it's swag, paraphernalia, etc., some academic departments have it and others don't. Here's a list with tips on getting your own:


  • "Williams Astronomy" T-Shirt: The rarest of them all - you have to become a major or do summer research.


  • "Williams Biology" Carhartt pants ('02-'03)
  • "Williams Biology" Nalgenes--green ('04-'05) or blue ('05-'06)
  • "Sex Cells" fleece ('04-'05)
  • "Loving Life" fleece ('05-'06)


  • "The Night Before/The Morning After" T-Shirt: Email Professor Smith - they're $15.
  • Cow-in-an-erlenmeyer-flask/"Williams Chemistry: There is no escape" T-Shirt
  • Cow/no escape travel coffee cup

Computer Science

T-Shirts are now available from Lorraine's office for $10 each. Sweet!

  • Keyboard Superhero [1]
  • Cow Pie [2]
  • Fist [3] (0101 0111 = 0x57 = 87 = ASCII 'W')

and then there's this one:

  • Willytown [4] which is available from cafepress here


  • Knit Caps: I have no idea how to get one, but they look like the XC and WOC ones.


  • "Williams Mathematics/|Mathematics|" T-Shirt: "Williams Mathematics" is composed entirely of math symbols. Alan Cordova got his by correcting tests for a high school math competition in 2002, but there's probably an easier way to get one. Like giving Marissa Barschdorf $10.
  • Williams Math "beverage wrench." Can only be obtained by being a Williams math major and attending the May dinner.


T-shirts can be purchased from Barb Swanson.

  • "My Life is Finally Normalized" T-Shirt: Made in 2001; probably not too many left.
  • "Williamstown Quality Quantum Mechanics" T-Shirt: Should be a few left.
  • "H-bar" T-Shirt: Currently in vogue in Thompson Physics Laboratory - there's a boxful in the secretary's office.